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I really love Catavino – it’s such an informative and innovative source of information on Spanish & Portuguese wines. The food of the region is key, but it’s just as vital to know about the great wines available too. This is the place to find out!
Jose Pizzaro

Summer Setup at Catavino

Fun with a sailboat

On the Train to Valencia!
As I write, we are heading down south to the warm, sunny beaches of Valencia. We’ll be visiting with a few key people from the wine tourism industry along with a new client, who is just starting out in the world of exports. Interestingly, they own one of the largest nursery’s for vines in Spain; hence, it will be fun to see how they are grown and prepared for the vineyards. Beyond all of this, we have a tasting with an old friend whose book we reviewed here a few months ago.

We’re both excited to be able to come down here after many months away to taste new wines, as Valencia really is one of those regions that is too often overlooked, while producing some of the most exciting wines in Spain.

Joining the Rest of Iberia
Now that the weather is officially blistering hot, and Iberian businesses are closing up shop at 2pm, we felt it was appropriate to follow suit by cutting down our posting to approximately 3 times a week. I say approximately, because our correspondents now located in Andalusia, Beijing and Lisbon will be contributing as well. But keep in mind that this is only until September when we’ll return back to our normal 5 days a week publishing schedule. Hopefully our decision will help to encourage you to get outside as well this summer, far away from blinking cursors and television sets ;-) Side note: we are still looking for a correspondent in the US, and are open to anyone who has a passion for both Iberian wines and writing. Please drop us a line if you, or someone you know, might be interested.

Portuguese Wineries Curious about Blogging!
Lucky us! We get to visit the Douro in summer! Imagine 100F/40C temperatures and crazy heat. We’ll be meeting with two small wineries, one of which is starting a small project in organic wine. We haven’t visited the Douro valley since 2003 and are ecstatic to get back there to see the lush green vineyards and beautiful Douro river. However, we’re curious if you have any questions you’d like us to ask this small port house regarding the process of going organic in Portugal. For example, what organic means in the Douro or even why they chose to take the leap in the first place? We believe they will be only the second or third port house to have any organic wine production, which makes the transition all the more exciting.

I’m headed to Minnesota! Ryan that is…
Ryan will be heading back to the US at the end of July and the beginning of August. On his to do list are the following: drink down his cellar a little bit more, renew his drivers license, consume at a minimum 1 hoppy beer a day, shoot photos at a cousin’s wedding, and rag on his dad who is turning 60. Should be fun! And if your in MN, or passing through, please give him a shout and maybe you all can meet up.

We’ll be back with some regualarly scheduled program in a few days, but for now we’re headed to Xativa to meet up with a new winery! Should be fun!

Till soon,

Ryan and Gabriella Opaz

  • Bill

    Ryan, You can help me "drink down" my cellar if I can help you with yours! Looking forward to seeing you; a pity Gabriella won't be along. BTW, Happy 60th, Cornell! All the best!

  • Óscar Quevedo

    Unfortunately in Portugal we don't have this tradition to leave the work at 2pm during the summer. You could keep writing for us!!

  • Gabriella Opaz

    Bill, I will miss you as well but someone has to "suffer" with Ryan and drink down his cellar, and I'm ecstatic it will be you! Óscar: I promise we will keep writing for you, as long as you keep making incredible Portuguese wines to fuel our efforts ;-)

  • ryan

    Yes it is a pity, just means more wine for us to plow through! :)