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Summer Sip’n to Relieve the Heat and Spanish wines for the Grill!


Summer so far here in Spain has been surprisingly cool. I’d heard that it would be the hottest summer on record and so far it is warm during the day and quite cool at night. Unfortunately, as a result of the cool temperatures, I’ve heard reports from vineyards that some of the vines are a bit behind schedule. Hopefully, if the weather stays nice and we have a long Indian summer, we just might have a late and elegant harvest. Unlike recent years, which have been so hot that the grapes were making “vat-fall” well ahead of schedule, this year might cause the slow maturing grapes to develop more elegant and subtle flavors, or at least we hope so.

But that’s not why I’m typing today. I’m here because I was pouring over my recent Cellartracker wine notes, realizing that I haven’t been entering all of my notes as of late. Really, the talking and the analyzing are much more entertaining than typing tasting notes, maybe I need to try Dragon Naturally Speaking or some other such software. What I noticed was that the last 100 wines tasted go back to late last year, which inspired an idea. With the weather getting sticky and our grill being worked overtime to ensure that every type of meat, vegetable and fish has a chance to bathe in its embers, I thought, “why not see what wines I’ve tasted in the last 6 months or so that I would recommend for summer?” Plus, I ran across a little inspiration.

So without further ado, here is a recap of 8 wines with both the original tasting note and a short note explaining why I think this wine is great for summer heat and hot grills! Let me know what you think and feel free to add your own wines to the list.

Hope that list comes in handy. Most of the wines are available outside of Spain and we hope that you get a chance to try one or two. Also, let us know what you like to drink on a hot summer’s day on our forum! One more thing, if you noticed, we didn’t name one Portuguese wine, not because there aren’t wines that wouldn’t be perfect for the grill, but rather because we have a special treat coming soon that we hope you’ll all enjoy! Stay tuned, and stay cool!


Ryan Opaz

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