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This is an indispensable tool for those who want to follow, in English, what really goes on in the world of Spanish and Portuguese wines – lively, informative and, most important, first-hand, on-the-scene knowledge!
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2+1 Survey Returns with Joe “1WineDude” Roberts

Awhile back, Catavino ran a feature we called the 2 + 1 Iberian Wine Survey. The idea behind the survey was not only to get wine bloggers feedback on Spanish and Portuguese wine, but also an opportunity for readers to gain a better perspective as to what’s available outside the […]

Catavino Jumpstarts the 2+1 Iberian Wine Survey

In 2006, while I was teaching Spanish bankers how to chat up a beautiful woman in English (hey, how else do you get students interested in learning a second language?), Ryan was slaving away at the computer, inventing new and creative ways to involve wine lovers from around the world […]

2 + 1 Survey with Dave Worthington of TinToyBlanco.com.au

Dave Worthington of TinToyBlanco a blog about Spanish wine that hails from down under in Australia. Really some great wine reviews and a neat perspective on Spanish wine from the other side of the globe. What follows are some of his answers to our 2+1 survey! Enjoy! 1. How good […]

2+1 Survey Erin and Michelle at Grape Juice

Grape Juice is not only fun to drink, but also a great blog run by Erin and Michelle. Located in Ontario, Canada, they shared with us their elation in joining our little survey and have provided some great tips on finding Iberian wines in their area. We hope you enjoy […]

2 + 1 Iberian Wine Survey

Do you like Spanish wines or are you a lover of the Portuguese wines made from rare grapes? Do you have a tough time finding them, or does your local wine shop stock a large selection? Living in Spain, it’s hard to get a feel for what wines are available […]