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The Life of a Spanish Goat Herder

Editor’s Note: There is something to be said for those who are willing to throw caution to the wind and try something new, different, risky, but on the most basic level, incredibly satisfying. This particular interview is with a husband and wife team who did just that. Originally from the UK, Diane and Peter Elliot of “Experience Olvera” are now goat herders in Andalucia, selling goat’s milk at .50 cents a liter. To give you a sense of their hard work, 2-3 hours of milking lends approximately 80 liters, which doesn’t include time spent caring for the goats or their land. Are they living the high life? No. But are they enjoying a very peaceful and simple life that has […]

Part III: An Ode to My Three Grandmothers and Their Portuguese Stories

Editor’s Note: In this three-part series, Sonia shares memories of her three grandmothers in Portugal. How they influenced her curiosity about the country and its culture—in hopes that they’ll also inspire you to continue exploring Portugal, or discover it for the first time. Read Part I and II. There’s always that person in your family that your parents insist you’re like, even if you haven’t had enough contact with that person to justify such similarities. I guess it’s in your genes? That’s likely the case with me and my Avo Ermelinda. A woman that inspires me in spite of the little time I spent with her. My parents are sure that my love for writing comes from her. She wrote poetry. She also loved […]

Helping the World through Cava: How Cava Berdie is Supporting NGO’s

“5 Cavas, 5 Projects of Solidarity” is a joint initiative between Cava Berdié and 5 Non-Government Organizations (NGO). Located in Castellvi de la Marca, in the heart of Cava country, Cava Berdie is a family run company by 3 very passionate and innovative siblings: Montse, Robert and Sergie Jovani. “Our goal from the very beginning of this project was to give as much it was to receive. This is why we, as a family, elected 5 NGO’s to allocate 7% of the profit made through Internet, telephone or in winery sales. It’s our way of giving back.” – Montse Jovani Each NGO is related to a specific Cava. The Cavas can be purchased individually or in a box of six. […]

Spanish Bullfighting: The Romance, the Drama and the Traditional Recipes

Recently, the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia (or Catalunya) voted to ban bullfighting; which consequently, provoked me to write an article. Since moving to Spain in 2005, I have attempted to understand the “corrida de toros” – the bullfight. I have tried to learn as much as possible, both the pro and con; and yes, I confess I have attended quite a few corridas. Portugal has its own bullfighting traditions, as does France and Latin America. There is even a type of bullfight on the Zanzibari island of Pemba, off the east coast of Africa – a relic of Portuguese colonialism. However, I’m only familiar with the way it is done in Spain. (Photo by Ferminius) In the part of […]

Part 1: The Real Cork – Where does cork come from?

For years, we have debated back and forth as to whether or not we should use cork to seal wine. We at Catavino have passionately debated this subject alongside you, typically falling to one side of the argument over the other. However, after visiting the largest cork factory in the world, we have become intimately aware of not only our own prejudices, but also the level of mistruths seeping throughout the wine world. What Ryan and I thought we knew before our visit, was far different from when we left the factory. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we present our first article in a series of three titled, “The Real Cork”. Where does cork come from? Cork is […]