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Arinto: The Chameleon of Portuguese Whites

When drinking a Portuguese white wine, it’s difficult to encounter one that doesn’t express the lovely flavors of Arinto. Arinto’s big, compact bunches, made up of small or medium-sized yellowish berries are grown and cultivated in just about every wine region in Portugal, but happens to be the most readily available from the regions around the Lisbon area, including Estremadura, Tejo, Terras do Sado and Alentejo. In fact, just for Portuguese whites tasted on the social tasting note site,, Arinto is the number one white varietal with 164 wines currently listed, followed only by Moscatel at 137. However, Arinto is known by many alter-egos depending on who you speak with and where you’re located. In the North, it is […]

Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo: Exploring the Wines of the Alentejo

This week, we had the pleasure of returning to the Portuguese city of Evora, a gorgeous white washed town we fell in love with on our honeymoon in 2003. Surrounded in Medieval walls with ample Roman ruins housed inside, it’s hard not to get swept away by its beauty, history and provincial charm. Located an hour east of Lisbon, it makes for a wonderful day trip to explore Franciscan catacombs, taste local olive oils, sip on fabulous wines and bask in the intense sun while biting into a regional pastry! The heart of Evora also holds another secret treasure for those keen to explore regional wines: the Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo. With large vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and large […]

The Big Tasting: LIVE Portuguese Wine Tasting with Oz Clarke TONIGHT

As you all know, Catavino is rather smitten with Portuguese wines. We tend gush endlessly about their diversity, quality and personality, with the occasional quip on how difficult it is to get your hands on them internationally. That said, over the past few years, we have been collaborating on several projects with Viniportugal in an effort to increase the international exposure of Portuguese wine. And there is no better opportunity to help spread the good word than an online tasting with one of the world’s leading wine experts, Oz Clarke. Tonight at 7pm GMT, Oz with the help of  our friend Charles Metcalfe, will be tasting 6 Portuguese wines LIVE online from the Lord Cricket’s Ground; the tasting will also […]

Iberian Links Around the Web for April, without the “Fools”

Ok, so in reality, we haven’t included any April Fool’s jokes today, but it is April 1st, 2010, and we have a load of links instead. If you have a bit of news you want us to riff on, or you think our readers need to know about, please pass it our way! Love Port? Old Port? If you’re a Port wine fanatic like we are, you should be following “For the Love of Port“. Our friend Roy Hersh has recommended Catavino in his influential newsletter, and we thank him kindly for it. If you’re just discovering us for the first time, welcome! But secondarily, I’d love to direct your Port wine loving eyes over to Dr.Vino‘s site where he recently […]

Sarah Ahmed’s Great 50 Portuguese Wines

She’s done it!! Renowned wine writer specializing in Portuguese wine, Sarah Ahmed has published, what she considers, the top 50 Portuguese wines for 2009. Although a bit heavy on the Douro and Alentejo regions, understandably, we feel she’s covered the country rather well. However, keep in mind that awards like these are inherently flawed, as these wines have now obtained a name and fame before individual discovery. That said, looking down the list, there are some great unknowns and a few surprises, all which help to show Portugal’s diversity. We’ve tried to link to each wine whenever possible with more information. Interestingly, many participants at the 2009 European Wine Blogger’s Conference, held in Lisbon, Portugal, were able to try several of these […]

Winemaker’s Take on the 2009 Harvest in Portugal

Good news! The 2009 Portuguese wine harvest is gushing positive reports, which only entices our eager palates to get our little mitts on some of its loot. How did we hear this fabulous news through the Iberian grapevine? Yesterday, Viniportugal provided us a summary of the 2009 climate conditions in Portugal, which were said to be warm with regular precipitation throughout the year, leading to a healthy and happy harvest. Production is up 9% from 2008 across Portugal, in large part due to the Azores and Peninsula de Setúbal regions which have seen an increase of production up to 25%. Below are winemaker’s quotes by region giving you their take on how the 2009 harvest shaped up: Vinho Verde Manuel […]

Restaurant Conventual: A Sample of Lisbon’s First Restaurant Week

May 21st thru May31st marked the very first Restaurant Week in Lisbon, with some of the city’s most popular fine-dining restaurants offering 3-course lunches and dinners both at a special price of €20. Restaurant Week was organized by TRYP Portugal and sponsored by Sabor do Ano. Being a huge fan of Restaurant Week back in the States, it was without a doubt, I planned to attend. However, as half of the participating restaurants were already sold out by the time my fellow Lisbon Twitterer and Twinelis fan @jnogueira and I learned about Restaurant Week, there was a bit of a challenge to get a reservation at the last minute. But we were finally able to book an early lunch with […]

Catavino’s Big News! We’re Headed to America! See you at the WBC!!!

After last years 2 successful wine blogger conferences, first in Logrono, Spain and then in Sonoma California, we are very excited to announce that this year, we’ll be at both events. Thanks to the support of our EWBC Sponsor, ViniPortugal, the generic in charge of promoting Portuguese wines, we’ll be swinging by New York and then California to help host Portuguese wine tastings, and spread the word about what we’ve been up to in Europe for the past 4 yrs.  As organizers, and proud parents of the EWBC, we see this as a great chance to summit in America and discuss the issues that affect bloggers around the world. USA EWBC Kickoff in New York City and California Our adventure […]

Need a Fabulous Late Night Snack in Lisbon? Check out “Restaurante A Merendeira”!

I’ve raved about Portugal‘s amazingly delicious and affordable cuisine, from sunny seafood lunches to rich and meaty dinners, not to mention delectable desserts from the pastelerias.  But what happens when the all the restaurants, cafes and supermarkets close at night and you’re still open with an appetite? It can be difficult to find someplace that is still serving a bit to eat, and nine times out of ten, the food tends to be less than stellar! Finding places to grab a bite to eat in the wee hours in Lisbon can also be an adventure, but if you happen to be out and about in Santos, the city’s “design district” with plenty of bars and clubs like Bairro Alto, there’s […]

A Week Exploring Lisbon in Preparation for the EWBC

You would imagine that heading out to Lisbon 7 months before the conference might be a little eager, but as we see it, the sooner we can stir up a tidal wave of passion for this event, the better the event will be. Call it naivete, but passion and curiosity is what made us fall in love not only with wine, but with the people within this dynamic, complex and thought-provoking community. Hence, far be it for us to sit on our laurels, hoping that interest will stir naturally, when we can meet face to face those people who make Lisbon the incredible city it is. And wow, is it ever an incredible city! With our tour guide and friend, […]