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Think Ginja Only Pairs with Chocolate? How about Sardines?

 Editorial Note:  This is a guest post by Marisa Dias Antunes, a Portuguese native who was kind enough to share a very unique perspective on the traditional Portuguese drink, Ginja. An additional thanks to Sonia Nolasco for her translation.  If someone asked you: “do you want ginjinha with or without ‘them’,” what would be your first thought? Mind you, this question would seem less odd if you dived into the world of ginja, where one can savor this bright red viscous liquid “with” the two cherries it’s made, as dictates the Portuguese tradition, or without. When entering this very unique world, chances are that you’ll be encouraged to pair your ginja (ginginha) with chocolate. In Obidos, it’s even served in a decadent mini […]

Part 1: Soulful Summer Recipes to Quell Portuguese ‘Saudade’

Editor’s Note: In our two-part series, Sonia travels through the seaside town of Setubal for sumptuous red snapper and then head to the historic hilltop village of Monsanto to chomp on succulent veal. In Part II, we take it to the capital of “saudade,” Lisbon. In late May, I left for Portugal on vacation. I hadn’t been back in almost three years. That’s usually just about how much time I can stand without going there. I call it the two-year itch. As soon as I hit that mark, I begin to wither like a flower that’s been away from the sun for too long, and the “saudades” get stronger. There is no exact translation of “saudade” to English. The best I can […]