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Pla i Llevant: An Island Region of Growing Quality

I feel a little sheepish to admit this, but Catavino has never been to an Iberian island. Of the 30+ islands floating carelessly off the Spanish, Portuguese and North African shores, we’ve only heard rumors of their incredible beauty, natural diversity and ample tourism. The Balearic Islands have sat squarely on […]

N.V. Bodegas Herederos Ribas Binissalem-Mallorca Sionata Dulce

N.V. Bodegas Herederos Ribas Binissalem-Mallorca Sionata Dulce – Spain, Balearic Islands, Binissalem-Mallorca (6/21/2006) Light steely pink in color. The nose shows peaches, flowers, and vanilla. Sweet and rich with a medium acidity, very fresh. Flavors of peaches, flowers, and fresh apricots dance in the mouth. Great wine.

Primer 2005 – Carbonic Maceration

Carbonic Maceration: A winemaking technique used to produce light, fruity red wines with a distinctive character. This definition taken from goes on to explain the process with which this “light fruity wine” is made. Last month, I wrote about my experience drinking a Carbonic Macerated Spanish wine, terrified that I […]