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Senseless Crime: A Priorat Winery is Hit with Vandalism

Not an hour ago, Catalan blogger, Joan Gomez Pallares of Devinis requested that we hit the internets with an important Press Release. Normally, we’re not ones to republish PR’s verbatim, but in this case, we feel you should hear it directly from the winery itself. We tried to call the winery, Terroir al Limit, for a statement but no one answered, understandably so. Also keep in mind that although petty crime is common in Spain, we rarely hear of vandalism of this nature – or of violent crime at all – and are truly saddened for the winery, extending our deepest sympathies. If you would like to contact the winery directly for more information, just head over to the the […]

The Icewine Debate Continues…

After my brief rant concluding that the new icewine DO in the Penedés was a crock of bureaucracy, I was contacted by David Furer, the original author of the article in Decanter, where the world was first introduced to the news. Evidently, he had a back and forth with Randy DuFour, Export Manager for Vincor Canada – a company with icewine in its blood, as it were – regarding the validity of the new Spanish DO. Published almost 100% in its entirety, we hope you take a moment to comment with your thoughts on its their discussion below. Let the debate begin! Hi David: I read your article in Decanter this morning…I can’t believe the Spanish gov’t/EU would allow this…what […]

Restaurant Review: Cinc Sentits

Last year, we visited Gaig, our last 1 star Michelin restaurant that ironically sits directly across the road from what became this year’s first 1 star experience. At the time, it was a birthday gift and one that I hoped would be all that a 1 star experience should be. Sadly, it was not. A smokey dining room with food that failed to inspire, we lamented our choice with a pocket book considerably lighter than before we started. During the entire week of Alimentaria, we hosted a group of 10 bloggers from around the world. The project was sponsored by the Catalan wine promotion board, INCAVI, for a week of food, wine and fun. However, in order to provide them […]

Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

Back when I was first starting to appreciate the wonderful offering of the world of wine, I bought myself some real, big wine glasses.  These giant transparent bowls resting gracefully on lengthy, slender stems welcomed me into the inner circle of wine appreciation.  I was there.  I was one of the few.  I knew what I was talking about. In actuality, I knew almost nothing about wine and was seldom able to temper my enthusiasm with enough wisdom to keep those enormous goblets filled to a reasonable level.  I remember so vividly my friend B. Saying ‘wow that is one big glass of wine’ as I handed him one of those new symbols of my evolution as a wine aficionado.  […]

Planning Your Ultimate Roadtrip in Spain: Where Automatic Cars are the Exception, and Not the Rule

When it comes to driving, I was a late bloomer.  Even though I grew up in a suburban town (with little to no transportation options) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 20.  The only reason I got it then was that I was about to leave Canada to see Europe and I thought it might be a useful thing to have.  As it turned out, I didn’t drive again until I was back in Toronto a few years later.  My trip across Europe had turned into nearly three years in Madrid and I just never had any call to use that license. I’m still not a fan of having a car in the city – especially as […]

New Catavino Correspondant, Ivan Larcome: An Expat’s Exploration of Spain

Editor’s Note: Today, we are very proud to announce a new addition to the Catavino team, Ivan Larcome. A writer by trade, and a Spanish culture enthusiast by passion, I trust he will be bringing you plenty of insightful and witty writing from his current home Valencia, Spain. Welcome Ivan!! My feet first touched Spanish soil in February of 1997.  All that I knew about the country, I had learned in London where I was riding out the winter before strapping on my state-of-the-art, back-breaking backpack and roaming the roads of Europe. I had left Toronto a few months before, and even though I expected to find some connection with the city of my birth (and home for my first […]

Catavino Does NOT Sell Wine…and A Very Biased Wine Review

Time to clear a few things up here at This past week, we have received some emails that need to be addressed, and we think the only place to do it is here on our site. Lately, we’ve been receiving some odd emails. Evidently, there is a rumor circulating that Catavino is a winery/bodega. You see, this week I’ve received at least 5 emails from different countries, including the USA, asking to represent our wines in restaurants, export markets and country wide in the case of Canada. Being a couple of wine writers without a winery, nor with any connection to the wine making process, I’m not sure where this idea has come from. I have to say we’re […]