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Best Wines To Bring On A Spanish Sailing Holiday

Spanish wines are some of the rewarding in the world, whilst Spanish waters offers some of the best sailing in the Mediterranean. How about we combine the two? Our friends at Get Sailing recently asked Catavino to recommend a choice wine for three of their favourite destinations in Spain… Menorca GS: Arguably our favourite of the three major Balearic Islands, Menorca is smaller and less touristic than Majorca and more peaceful than Ibiza – the renowned party island. One the one hand it has hardly any high rise developments and on the other it boasts more beaches than its more famous neighbouring islands combined, making it perfect for that relaxed sailing vacation. This being the Mediterranean, conditions are rarely too […]

A Foreigner’s Guide to Spanish Cheese: Goat/Cabra (Part 2 of 5)

Growing up in Florida during the 1970’s and 1980’s I rarely, if ever, saw a cheese from an animal other than a cow. Our refrigerator was full of Cheddar, Swiss, and Jack cheeses but nary a cheese from any other animal. I suspect that most people living in the U.S. during that time were experiencing a similar dilemma but, like myself, were either ignorant or oblivious to what others were savoring across the Atlantic. It was not until I moved to San Diego in the early 1990’s that my eyes (and tastes) began to open. During my time in Spain my tastes broadened even further. Are you telling me they make cheese from something other than a bovine? Well, bring […]

Rick Fisher: New American Based Writer for Catavino

The passions of Spain’s past, present, and future run through my veins as sure as great juice flows daily from wine casks around the country. My grandfather was born in Sarrià, a small barrio in the northwestern part of Barcelona, in December 1909 during a time when street violence and church burnings strengthened the influence of the anarchists who would rule for decades. Generation upon generation of my ancestors traversed the roads and byways of the Spanish countryside – from Barcelona to Malaga; from Aragon to the Canary Islands. The news of my heritage had a profound effect on me from as early as I can remember; and although I resided in the heavily Spanish-influenced state of Florida during my […]