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Cataluña in California: Holiday Recipes and Iberian Wines

Whether you live in a bustling metropolis like New York City or a quiet Catalonian countryside the holidays are about food, family, and fun. I must admit that I would rather spend my holidays in Spain, but as with most of us this can be quite cost-prohibitive! So, I opt for the slightly chilled air of San Diego, California; but that does not mean that my holidays need be void of Spanish influence. As a result, “Cataluña in California” became a reality in 2009. As most are well aware, Spain is a country rich in tradition. Would you expect the holidays to be any different? Not hardly. The holidays provide yet another reason to celebrate and party. Who can resist […]

Winter Announces the Traditional Calçot and Cava Festival

Live in Cataluña for any length of time, and inevitably, you’ll experience a Calçotada. What’s a Calçotada? Well, I can tell you that it’s not a Catalan dance, a side-splitting headache, or a type of monster that hides under the bed and eats small children. Nope. It’s an enormous sweet onion festival! Each year when the boughs of the almond trees are thick with delicate pink blossoms, the calçot season, lasting only six weeks, gets into full swing. Calçots (pronounced kalsot), a cross between leeks and spring onions, are considered as integral of an ingredient within the Catalan culture as is butifarra (Catalan sausage) and tomatoes spread over toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil and garlic. In appearance, they are […]