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London International Wine Fair, Rioja Hype and Gorgeous Fino “En Rama”

From time to time, life gets a bit hectic when our more lucrative projects take center stage. For those of you who aren’t aware, Catavino is the promotional wing of our business, Vrazon, and although we would love for this to change (hint hint, wink wink), its success is purely driven by the deep-seeded passion of both ourselves and our many fabulous writers. We love Spain and Portugal, and it’s because of this adoration that we do our best to keep this site alive and kicking; but it also means that we need to let go of our incredibly thorough posts to provide you a few shorter, dynamic snippets every now and again. Today, is one of those days. This […]

Vibrant Rioja Tempranillo LIVE TASTING in New York on May 5, 2011

Are you a Rioja wine fanatic? Do you stay up late at night itching for that next bottle of vinous pleasure? If so, we have the event for you no matter where you are in the world! This Thursday, May 5th Tempranillo will be featured at the Vibrant Rioja 3rd Annual Grand Tasting in New York! More than 350 Rioja wines will be highlighted at the event from over 70 importers. According to Pablo Olay, the Vibrant Rioja Campaign Director, “Our 2011 Grand Tasting’s focus is on Tempranillo, a varietal that is increasingly popular in the U.S. because of its consummate versatility, high quality and pairing ability with a wide range of foods.” Though we at Catavino would never limit […]

Natural Wine: Is It a Friend, Foe or Fabrication?

Editorial Note: Fabio Bartolomei from Vinos Ambiz is not only a self-proclaimed natural winemaker in Spain, but he’s also a friend. Having recently attended the Natural Wine Fair in Barcelona (wrap-up article here) a few weeks ago, getting into a rather lively debate about the true definition of natural wine, we asked Fabio if he wouldn’t mind sharing his views on this highly contentious topic. What follows is a very well structured argument by Fabio surrounding the truths and fabrications of the natural wine movement. Many posts, articles and comments I’ve read about ‘Natural Wine’ tend to cover an overly vast range of topics or mention key points in passing that should be expanded upon. This is frustrating in that an […]

Port: Vintage 1827, by Raymond R. Rath

What follows is part two in my telling of the story of Villar d’Allen. If you have not read part 1, please do so now. This story was originally published in 1981 by my Grandfather, retelling his experience opening a Quinta do Noval 1827. I have included footnotes to clarify some points, otherwise, this has been left for the most part in its original state. While this is exceptionally long for a post on Catavino, I’ve opted for publishing in its entirety for the sake of clarity rather than publishing it across multiple posts. All photos were taken by my Grandfather on a 35mm Pentax and then digitized recently; hence, the lack of clarity. They’ve been published for historical interest. Special note: This […]

News? Spanish Wine News? Portuguese Wine News? – Yeah we got it!

Approximately 3 years ago, Catavino decided to exclusively publish content with meat; content that was both educational and thought-provoking. The consequence being that we have generally overlooked the lighter topics and thoughts that piqued our interest. Pity really, as there is a considerable amount of quality content that we’ve wanted to effectively integrate into but haven’t known how. To compensate, we tried to publish articles called “Links from Around the Web”, but the content didn’t really warrant commentary. Combine this with the Press Release. About 90% of the PR’s we receive are completely worthless. “Our X wine just received 92pts from _insert wine critic name_!” This form of the PR can die a thousand small deaths in the fiery […]

Part 1: The Allens – How We Came to Know a Living Part of Port Wine History

I’ve wanted to write this post for 8 years now. In the beginning, my hesitation stemmed from a lack of platform to share the story on; and in the recent past, I’ve simply wondered how I could do it justice. I’ve wanted to tell it correctly, ensuring that I didn’t leave anything out or inadvertently confuse you, no small task. I guess it’s silly in some ways, but the truth is that this story is unique in the world of wine. It’s a story of Port wine and family history that began both in the 1600′s, and for me and my family, about 35 years ago today. So with a little help, I intend to share this dramatic wine tale as to […]

The Olive Harvest in Portugal: A Delightful Aromatic Adventure

Editor’s Note: Last year, Fiona Lynch and her husband Jonathan, two passionate geologists, moved from Scotland to the Lima Valley in Minho region in Portugal. Fiona has kindly been submitting articles to Catavino based on her varied experiences, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Today, Fiona brings you her take on the Olive harvest in Portugal. We had every intention of picking the olives from our modest but productive olive trees but being rather unsure of how to go about it we kept putting it off. It was late November in Alto Minho region, northern Portugal and every day we passed groups of people collecting olives. Often we would stop and watch the different methods; some climbed the trees and […]

#WBW70: Catavino Goes Mythbusters on Spanish Wine

One of the many reasons why we love Spanish wine is as a result of its diversity, personality and quality. Spain is chock full of dynamic, innovative producers who continually try to push the envelope, living alongside old-school winemakers who have made exceptional wine in the exact same way over centuries. Equally true, Spain is a hotbed of variation, from its extreme microclimate to its auctonomous grape population, there is no shortage of types, styles or blends of wines. The only true challenge facing any wine lover is simply, where to begin. So today, in celebration of Wine Blog Wednesday #70, we’re going to mythbust what we see as 3 unfortunate and  pervasive mistruths about Spanish wine, and in the interm, hopefully […]

A Few of Our Top Gastronomic Experiences of 2010!

To ring in the New Year with friends and family, we’d like to bring you our Top 10 Gastronomic experiences of 2010!! As our lives revolve around food and wine, we love to look back and reminisce on those moments that truly effected our lives. These experiences are in no particular order, and only some of them have been covered on Catavino; however, we’d love to share some of our experiences and ask all of you to share a few of yours in the comments below. Note: Please make sure to click on the title of each experience to learn more. Cinc Sentits Innovation and experimentation are traits we love! Red wine with scallops? Why not! Sweet wines with steak? […]

Fabulous Holiday Discounts on Spanish and Portuguese Wines!!

We “love” the holidays; the time of the year when your television turns into an avalanche of deals on everything from the “all so necessary” life-sized stuffed Santa to the “must have” 8,000 inch LED-LCD HDTV that will literally suck you into itself. Or what about the 300+ strings of lights you’ve hung from every immovable object on your house that “magically” insights perpetual seizures from passing cars. And let’s not forget, the family…enough said. We sympathize with you and yours, knowing how desperate the holiday season can become, so we’ve decided to make the pain go away, at least for those of you in the USA and UK by teaming up with “The Spanish Table” in the USA and […]