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Where is the Future of Wine Tourism Heading? A Summary of The Wine Pleasures Conference

Waking up Saturday morning in Sitges for the Wine Pleasures Conference, I shuffled into the hotel bathroom to take a shower. Feeling rather groggy from staying up half the night listening to the wind howling against the windows, water spraying up against our second story windows, I assumed that hot water would clear the senses and prepare me for a jam packed conference weekend. However, just as conditioner was gently rinsed from my hair, I was left in the dark. Pitch blackness settled like a thick blanket around me in the windowless bathroom. What happened? The Wine Pleasures Conference kicked off in the midst of a massive wind storm that swept through Italy, France and Spain, leaving the hotel with […]

Iberian Links around the Web

Having been over a month since we’ve provided you a comprehensive list of fun links to check out, we thought the time had finally come send your mouse a clickin’. Additionally, as we’re preparing for a mega grill out tomorrow afternoon among friends, each bringing their own item for the coals, to be honest, our minds are elsewhere. We’ve already left planet Catavino to consider whether we have enough glassware for a dozen people eager to drink wines from Rioja, and if we have enough bbq fixings to keep our birthday boy, Ryan, happy. So with that, I’ll leave you to our news of the day! Are Woman Wine Bloggers Getting Their Just Desserts? Recently, there have been several conversations […]

Iberian Links around the Web

After a long and luxurious weekend of visiting touristy sites around Barcelona, I was a little awe-stricken this morning when I opened my inbox to a deluge of Spanish and Portuguese wine links. Normally, we would let this wait for Friday, but with the amount of fun facts, recipes, instigating articles and events happening right now, we felt it would be best to mix it up a bit and bring you the information now! Enjoy. Warm Spanish Cocktail Erin Hartigan at published a whole slew of suggestions on how to use those remaining bottles of liquor sitting idly on the counter into some delicious belly warming drinks. One suggestion in particular that obviously caught our eye used Spanish wine […]