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Catavino Welcomes a New Writer to Our Team!!

Granted, our new writer is more focused on articles related to lactose based beverages, but soon, he’ll be craving a wide range of flavors, textures and aromas. Hence, it is with great pleasure we announce our son: Mica Douro Opaz, born July 25th at 3:39am weighing 3.095 kg and 49.5 inches long, a squishy, delightful little creature with enormous feet, perfect for grape stomping! Your eyebrow might be cocked at the moment as you survey the date. But that was a few weeks ago?! Yes, you are absolutely correct, but due to some complications, Gabriella has had to remain in hospital an extended period of time, which prevented us from spreading the news too wide. This week, we will finally […]

Barcelona: Which Wineries You Can Visit By Train

Quite often, we receive requests from people visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon or Oporto, as to which wineries they can visit by train, taxi or foot. Our responses have commonly been, “Good question! And to be quite honest, I don’t know!” Well, maybe Oporto is the exception, as you have a plethora you can get to, but the rest are rather iffy at best. As mentioned in several articles on Catavino, enotourism in Iberia is rather primitive at best. Very few wineries even allow visits, less have someone speaking anything other than their regional language, and just a handful will actually go out of their way to make your transportation to their winery convenient and easy. That said, we decided to […]

This isn’t Your Mother’s Spanish Winery! Children get a Crash Course in Winemaking

For those of you who have stuck by us over the past three years, you may have struggled with me as I attempted to maneuver my way through the Spanish educational system. For one year, I eagerly taught English to five year olds in a small Catholic school in Barcelona before joining Catavino full-time. Renowned for its alternative education, the school gained its notoriety based on a methodology it employed called, the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, which also happened to be the main crux behind my master’s thesis in education. Created by Howard Gardner, the theory states that we as humans have a wide range of abilities, or intelligences, that are neither utilized nor nurtured. But through interactive and dynamic […]

Day Trip to Bodega Torres

Editor’s note: This article was written in 2006, and I am no longer an English teacher, but the information here is as relevant now as it was then. Iberia does not hide winemaking from children, nor do I sense they ever will.   Allow me to begin this post with the pronouncement that I am an English teacher and have been one since my arrival to Spain almost two years ago. The difference now being that in Barcelona, I am kindergarten teacher as opposed to a language teacher to multinational companies. Obviously, it has been quite the transition. Not only has it been a transition learning how to be a language teacher to small children, but it has also been […]