Their success; their ability to effectively communicate about spanish and portuguese wine; their energy to grow and create dynamic, authentic and extraordinary services have attracted hundreds of thousands of iberian wine lovers from around the world.
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2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference – Vienna, Austria

Here at Catavino we’ve been known to roam, bringing you stories from London, Norway, Italy and India. Today, we are proud to say that you are about to hear a bit about Austria!  Some of you will have heard, but just to refresh your memories, we are the co-founders of the European Wine Bloggers Conference which takes place in a different European country every year. Our first conference was in La Rioja, Spain in 2008, followed by Lisbon, Portugal in 2009 and now, Vienna, Austria this past weekend – home to the grape Grüner Vetliner. We’ll be writing more about the Conference, please check out the following links: Photos – Visit the EWBC flickr group Videos – If you get […]

Final Thoughts Regarding Wine Future 2009

As you all know, Ryan and I went to Wine Future with a team of 4 additional people: Michael Oudyn, Raymond Magourty, Eduardo Benito and Juan Manuel Gonzalvo. Robert McIntosh was also a key player on our team, adding an immense amount to the Live Blog and Twitter stream, while perfectly balancing his other hat as a Dinastia Vivanco representative. All of these people deserve full recognition for their fantastic work, determination and passion in making our Wine Future social media campaign work seamlessly. We are very proud of each of their contributions, and hope this is just one of many campaigns we can work as a solid team. That said, many people have asked for a personal wrap-up article […]

Wine Future: Brief Overview of the Afternoon Sessions on Day 1

Editors note: Wine Future – This is the second wrap up post of Wine Future LIVE – read Day 1 morning wrap up post. We’re doing our level headed best to report to you exactly what we’re seeing and experiencing at one of the most important wine conferences in 2009. What you see below is a summary of what we experienced this afternoon, written by Michael Oudyn. We’ll be posting many more articles today and tomorrow, as well as photos (tough to upload with a very small bandwidth). If you have any questions however, please leave them in the comments below or on the live blog. Cheers and thank you! Session: Media, Wine Writers, and the Future of the […]

Catavino in Santa Rosa, California at American Wine Bloggers Conference 2009

Editor’s note: Due to poor wireless connections, although this post was intended for yesterday morning, we weren’t able to get it up until today.   We’re currently writing you at 6am in the morning from El Jefe’s HQ, from Twisted Oak Winery, with two of baby kittens romping around our bedroom with a mission to destroy anything in their paths. And despite their clearly malicious intent, with those gigantic clear blue eyes, short soft downy fur and incapacity to walk in  straight line without tripping or running head first into a wall, we have to admit, Iggy and Stiggy are insanely adorable, and a wonderful way to wake up after 3 insane days of fun.   For those of you […]

Countdown to Catavino’s 10 Day USA Tour – WBC Meets EWBC

In exactly 10 days, we will be heading to New York City, followed by San Francisco and back to NYC for a 10 day immersion into the American wine blog culture. What does this mean? Having lived and breathed Europe for the past 5 years, we’ve only met less than a dozen American wine bloggers, despite the fact that we are not only American bloggers, but that much of our readership is from the USA. Yet, our conversations and meetings have remained in the virtual world, far from a handshake, the sound of someone’s laughter or the experience of sharing physical space. Consequently, we’ve decided to change this, heading west as a result of the generous sponsorship of the EWBC […]

A Week Exploring Lisbon in Preparation for the EWBC

You would imagine that heading out to Lisbon 7 months before the conference might be a little eager, but as we see it, the sooner we can stir up a tidal wave of passion for this event, the better the event will be. Call it naivete, but passion and curiosity is what made us fall in love not only with wine, but with the people within this dynamic, complex and thought-provoking community. Hence, far be it for us to sit on our laurels, hoping that interest will stir naturally, when we can meet face to face those people who make Lisbon the incredible city it is. And wow, is it ever an incredible city! With our tour guide and friend, […]

Where is the Future of Wine Tourism Heading? A Summary of The Wine Pleasures Conference

Waking up Saturday morning in Sitges for the Wine Pleasures Conference, I shuffled into the hotel bathroom to take a shower. Feeling rather groggy from staying up half the night listening to the wind howling against the windows, water spraying up against our second story windows, I assumed that hot water would clear the senses and prepare me for a jam packed conference weekend. However, just as conditioner was gently rinsed from my hair, I was left in the dark. Pitch blackness settled like a thick blanket around me in the windowless bathroom. What happened? The Wine Pleasures Conference kicked off in the midst of a massive wind storm that swept through Italy, France and Spain, leaving the hotel with […]

Catavino is Live Blogging at the Wine Pleasures Conference in Sitges, Spain

Ryan and I are currently hearing the waves crash upon the sandy shores of Sitges, a small town just south of Barcelona along the sea. We are here to both speak at and live blog the annual Wine Pleasures Conference. With over 150 attendees and 40 sessions consisting of talks, workshops and panel discussions, we trust this will be a wonderful event for brainstorming how tourism can better serve eager and passionate wine lovers. Tomorrow, if you are interested in joining us, I will be live blogging several events, while Ryan will be fielding questions on social media, and snapping a few thousand photos on the sly. If you are interested in having me attend specific event (check out the […]

Iberian Wine Links Around the Web – FITUR, Wine Pleasures, Sherry, Port and more

Welcome to another episode of “Links Around the Web”. Our originally featured addition, “Wine of the Week”, was sadly pushed up to make room for our long laundry list of links we wanted to share with you. I trust you won’t mind Catavino Speaking and Live Blogging at Wine Pleasures The Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop, joining wine tourism professionals from around the world to discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas, will be hosted this weekend from January 24th – 27th in  Sitges (Barcelona). Ryan and I will be live blogging at both the Portuguese and  Spanish wine tastings on Friday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 24th. Using “Cover it Live‘, we will be providing a […]

An Excited, Yet Weary, Update from Terrassa

The original intention I had when Ryan left for the States a few weeks ago was relatively simple. Once my cast was removed from my hand two days after his plane took off, I would run out to our local sport shop and purchase a funky bike. It wouldn’t be anything fancy mind you, just something durable enough to allow me to zoom across the beautiful sandy beaches with my little front basket filled with a bottle of Mestres Cava and a freshly baked baguette with a block of sheeps cheese from Navarra. When I found the perfect spot where I could lay my checkered green blanket down on the silky sand, I would jump off my bike, prepare my lunch […]