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Wine Closures: Focusing on What’s Truly Important, the Liquid!!

Throughout man’s relationship with wine the challenge has been to find a way of bringing it to the customer. We get a glimpse of one of the earliest solutions in the The New Testament Matthew 9:14-17 and the parable of putting new wine in old skins. Even when I was a child, some 2000 years later, Spanish lorry drivers kept wine in ‘bota‘ – tear shaped leather bottles. Solid flasks or carafes were used throughout history to bring wine from the storage vessel – amphorae in ancient times and wooden casks in mediæval – to the table. These were often stoneware, but glass was favoured by the wealthy. They slowly evolved into the wine bottles of today and we get […]

Get Your “Wine Fault” Out of My Glass: Misconceptions, Misnomers and Misadventures with Wine

Do you know what a wine fault is? I thought I did, until the London International Wine Fair when APCOR, the Portuguese acronym for Associação Portuguesa de Cortiça (Portuguese Cork Association), sponsored a tasting on wine faults. They’re goal was to help guide wine professionals and social media influencers through an educational session that described the various faults that can effect a wine’s aroma and taste other than cork taint. Why talk about every other potential fault in a bottle of wine except cork taint? Quite honestly, cork has occasionally gone through the wringer among wine professionals and mainstream press. The continuous debate between cork and screwtops is endless, leading to loads of articles in wine magazines and wine videos […]

Where is the Future of Wine Tourism Heading? A Summary of The Wine Pleasures Conference

Waking up Saturday morning in Sitges for the Wine Pleasures Conference, I shuffled into the hotel bathroom to take a shower. Feeling rather groggy from staying up half the night listening to the wind howling against the windows, water spraying up against our second story windows, I assumed that hot water would clear the senses and prepare me for a jam packed conference weekend. However, just as conditioner was gently rinsed from my hair, I was left in the dark. Pitch blackness settled like a thick blanket around me in the windowless bathroom. What happened? The Wine Pleasures Conference kicked off in the midst of a massive wind storm that swept through Italy, France and Spain, leaving the hotel with […]

Cork or Screwcap, But For The Love of God, Do Not Use The Plastic Plug!!

Editor’s Note: In our recent effort to bring people from every wine culture together, the EWBC network has started a monthly debate on topics that effect us all. This month, the topic is alternative closures. We have asked wine bloggers from across the world to join in and publish their views on alternative closures between September 22nd through the 26th. Everyone is welcome to join in and share your thoughts. We only ask that you please post your article in the comment section of this EWBC post. Hopefully, we will gain enough participation to eventually show the power of social media! Guess what time it is? It’s the biannual ritual of talking about closures again. This is the time of […]

Cork Forests, Travel Recommendations, and some other Tidbits from Catavino

It’s been a busy the past few months, because Spain is finally waking up to blogging; and we’re excited to be a small part of it. I’ve been buried in two new websites, while trying to maintain a few others. All good news for our small growing enterprise. Today, we head off to Oporto, to consult with a small port house on launching the first ever, blog about port wine. To be honest, we’re really excited about this, and we’re hoping this might lead to some purple feet if we need to visit in the near future. But for now I want to fill you in on a few experiences I’ve had over the past week. First up, Cork! Catalan […]