Dao | Catavino - Part 2
I really love Catavino – it’s such an informative and innovative source of information on Spanish & Portuguese wines. The food of the region is key, but it’s just as vital to know about the great wines available too. This is the place to find out!
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Wine Blog Wednesday – Casa de Santar – Part 2

The four wines we lined up on our dining room table were paired with a traditional Portuguese dish called, Portuguese Porco Alentejana. The result was, as always, delicious. I loved how the tender bits of pork and crunchy cubed potatoes married perfectly with the smoky paprika broth. I especially liked […]

Can Iberian White Wines Age?

A few days ago, we shared a fabulous wine and gourmet food shop for you to visit in Lisbon; however, what I failed to include in our article were the wines we tasted during our visit. Drat! I could fluff it up and tell you that the exclusion was intentional, […]

Bodega Profile – Casa de Darei – Dão, Portugal

While in Portugal, I had the chance to taste Quinta de Darei’s wines at Sala Ogival with Jose Cunha, the nephew of the winery owner. Bought in 1997 after 2 decades of abandonment, the current owners are intent in reviving old traditions and to become, what they hope, is a […]

Pena de Pato Wines from Sogrape Vinhos

Last night, having put an entire chicken on the grill to accompany our mixed green salad topped with toasted gooey goat cheese rounds, we tasted a brand new range of wines from *Sogrape Vinhos called Pena de Pato. What we found most interesting about these wines, beyond their name “quill” […]

Masks and Wines in Lisbon

We love stumbling upon the unexpected. In fact, that is the story of our life. Our best friends were for the most part all made this way, and our best memories have been created when things happen to us by chance. Such is the case with today’s podcast/story. Wandering back […]

Restaurant Profile- Sacramento – Lisbon, Portugal

To be honest, we never planned on eating at Sacramento. Having walked past it earlier in the day as we were leisurely meandering through Lisbon enjoying a relaxing Sunday, we had seen the brightly colored windows far different in both style and feeling than its adjoining neighbors. Strips of varying […]

Grape Profile – Touriga Nacional

Common Names: Touriga Nacional, Mortágua – A small berry varietal capable of producing dark tannic wines, rising to become the star player in the historic Port wines of Northern Portugal. Port wine is typically described as having an inky, dense and dark color with a powerful bouquet of dried fruits […]