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Catavino Gets a New Look!

In geologic terms, it wasn’t so long ago that I wore all black, had a tongue piercing and loved Don Johnson – scary, I know. Now maybe those didn’t all happen at the same time, but they did happen and are part of my evolution. We all go through transitions, phases and developments. Sometimes they’re easy, effortless and exciting; and sometimes, it feels like you’ve been run over by a 10 ton bulldozer. (Flickr photo by Jibba Jabba) Catavino has gone through several evolutions in its lifetime. From its writing style to its design, there hasn’t been an adjective, or a widget, left unturned. And to give you a sense of where it all began, let’s glimpse at a small […]

Changing Behaviors and Admitting You Are Wrong – Life Lessons

Today’s post is inspired by reflection based on an unintentional mistake. Here at Catavino, and the money making arm of our company, Catavino Marketing, we spend the majority of our time showing wineries how change can alter their current conditions. For example, simply by talking to consumers online, they can sell more wine, rather than ignoring them and expecting their retailers and importers to do the work. Or just by setting up a twitter account, they might build greater loyalty within their customer base. The key is to think differently, trying something new that might not be comfortable. But in order to achieve this goal, you must throw aside your pride and admit that your ideas are not the only ones […]

Vinyes dels Aspres: Redefining Sweet Wines in the Emporda

To be different takes courage! I appreciate that which cannot be defined and those who fail to fit a description. As long you express yourself authentically, it’s absolutely irrelevant to me if you have 3 eyes, adore Coors Lite, or have a house filled with a half dozen ferrets. Individuality is interesting. This same theory holds true for wine. Those wines that make me stop in my tracks and say “whaaaaat is that?!” are typically wines that I won’t forget. Like the homeless fellow in Barcelona who grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and said, “Eres el sol!” then promptly kissed me on the cheek and went on his way, showed an unforgettable sense of genuineness, […]

The Essential Difference Between DO de Pago and Grandes Pagos de España

Editor’s Note: DO de Pago and Grandes Pagos de España can be easily confused, but as Louis Villard of found out at a recent tasting, the two are fighting similar causes, yet are altogether different. One of the only things that links the DO de Pago and Grandes Pago de Espana is the word Pago; and to be a Pago, one must make a wine from estate grown grapes. The somewhat controversial DO de Pago is the official term used for Spain’s highest level of classification. As of now there are only nine vineyards with the classification. DO de Pago became official in 2003 and the only two regions to have ratified it are Castilla La-Mancha and Navarra. It’s […] On Tour: Tasting Wine Across Spain – First stop Utiel-Requena

On Wednesday evening, a rather miraculous event occurred in the offices of the Consejo Regulador de Utiel-Requena, located just northwest of Valencia. 17 bottles of wine from across the region, each from a different bodega, were put on display for a dozen bloggers to explore. These bloggers, ranging from winemakers to foodies, traveled up to 4 hours to not only support their friend and cohort, Juan Manuel Gonzalvo, but also taste wines from an “undiscovered” Spanish region. Born in Zaragoza, Juan Manuel Gonzalvo is one of our main contributing writers for our Spanish site, An oenologist by trade, he’s spent the better half of 2 years as a consultant for wineries, wine shops and wine fairs interested in furthering […]

Portugal Overcomes Pride to Acknowledge an Unexpected Wine Leader

Last year, I wrote an article on how Spanish and Portuguese wineries could succeed online. I mentioned words such as passion, culture, adaptability and history, which are all powerful reasons why Iberian wineries have a chance to succeed in Social media, but I’m afraid it’s not enough. I left out a key word that holds most of us back from succeeding, fear. Fear that if they try something and fail, everyone will laugh or pity them. Pride is extremely important in Iberia, often times dictating someone’s decisions and actions. From having your plumber blame the mold in your bathroom on your “poor cleaning”, as opposed to his poor grouting efforts, to the winery that won’t sell you their wine because […]

Absolving Guilt Through Uneducated “Green” Wine Consumption

Like many holiday travelers, I spent several days this past December going from one airport to another, heavily weighted by bags packed to the gills with Christmas gifts. Sweating under my dozen layers of cotton and fleece, and swearing from the inanity of what we put ourselves through just to add more “consumables” to our lives, I plopped myself down in a large vinyl chair, praying that my plane wouldn’t be delayed (no such luck). Not five minutes after my exhaustion induced nap, I heard a woman with a southern accent snap, “where the hell are the recycling bins?! With thousands of people traveling through here, forced to buy bottled water for ‘safety’ concerns, why there isn’t a recycling unit to be […]

Iberian Wine Links around the Web: Pseudo Holiday Edition!

With the holidays here and Gabriella and I traveling back to the US, it’s been harder than usual to stay focused. Family has a way of distracting and making time slip away before you know it. Nevertheless, we have loads of wines lined up to share with you in the coming weeks, as well as some interesting news we stumbled across online. And if you have a link, or an Iberian wine to share, please let us know at [email protected]! We’d love to know what you’ve been savoring over this holiday season! Now onto the news: Emma bought a house in Portugal. Then she started a blog to tell us all about it. Having followed her off and on for […]

Experimentation: A Word I’d Like To Reintroduce into the American Wine Lexicon

To experiment means to let go of control and to take a risk: to open one’s arms wide to life and to appreciate each and every opportunity provided to you as a means of personal growth and learning. Here at Catavino, we have stood on our high horses for years encouraging you to experiment, not only with wine, but with food, culture, conversation and life in general. “What wine is your favorite wine?” Our answer: “The one we’ve never had before.” It is because of this frame of mind, this mentality, this passion for life that Ryan and I are together as a couple. It is also the reason why Catavino even exists. Every project we embark on is typically […]

Eating at Monvinic, Broadcasting a Live Harvest in London and a Few Random Thoughts

It’s been awhile since we’ve published a post with odds and ends, but the moment has arrived. First up, my experience dining at Barcelona’s famous, Monvinic. As you may recall, my first visit was less then stellar, ending in a rather scathing post. But this time, I had the great fortune of being treated to lunch, where I experienced impeccable service and a spread of delectable food that impressed. (Image by beckysnyder) Our appetizers began with Bunyols de bacallà, or cod “balls”, containing a juicy center with creamy fish goodness oozing out the sides. This was a fish fritter I could fall in love with! Next up, a large plate of the renowned Spanish Jamon de Iberico, thin and perfectly […]