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Catavino’s Favorite Trips of 2008 – It’s been a great Iberian Wine Year

At the end of the year, I can’t help but look back and ask myself, “Have I done enough in my life? Have I truly accomplished the goals I’ve set out for, or have I let them slip to the wayside getting snug and comfortable in my safe daily routine”? If I’ve fallen in the latter, I give myself a quick kick the keister and start taking more risks. This precious gift called “life” isn’t something to be messed with, and for me, one of the best ways to celebrate it, is by getting uncomfortable through travel. By stripping away normalcy and accepting the odd and unpredictable, I change, grow, evolve and see both life and myself differently. And as […]

Sherry at EWBC 2008 and Alvaro Domecq

Initially, I thought I would be the only person bringing sherry to the EWBC 2008 invitational tasting, but once things got going, I was pleased to see that some Osborne Fino Quinta and the Manzanilla and Fino from Equipo Navazos (Nos 7 and 8 ) had made an appearance. The more the merrier, as far as I was concerned. I think the guys from Vinustv provided the Navazos wines and that Osborne had sent a few bottles of Fino Quinta to Catavino. Navazos are doing really interesting things, but this post is about the wines I took along, which were from Alvaro Domecq here in Jerez. A not insubstantial number of bottles where donated by Alvaro Domecq, and they also […]

Elation and Post EWBC 2008 Depression

Sitting in front of the computer preparing to sum up my experience at the European Wine Blogger Conference, I literally feel speechless. Are there words for my emotions, my feeling of warmth and excitement for what’s occurred, along with a touch of sadness and depression I’ve been feeling now that the conference is over? It’s like using an instant camera with the intention of capturing the breadth and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Unless you were there, feeling the hot canyon winds come across the 1,218,375 acres that dip down an average of 4,000 feet deep; smell the rich evergreen and sandalwood aromas in the air; or touch the blazing hot iron soils which kick up fine, red dust under […]

Wine, Books, Conferences, and the 2008 Vintage

It’s crunch time here at the Spanish office of the European Wine Bloggers Conference. Every day a new issue, a new question, and the realization that we forgot to do something! That combined with a now ever expanding desire from non-delegates to join the already full ranks, is leading to us working long hours and wondering how we keep Catavino alive. All that said, we are having fun and learning a lot. The best part though is that this conference looks to be shaping up nicely and will lead to some new conversations that need starting. I’m sure the US based conference 2 months later will also lead to great new opportunities too, and we hope that both prove to […]

An Excited, Yet Weary, Update from Terrassa

The original intention I had when Ryan left for the States a few weeks ago was relatively simple. Once my cast was removed from my hand two days after his plane took off, I would run out to our local sport shop and purchase a funky bike. It wouldn’t be anything fancy mind you, just something durable enough to allow me to zoom across the beautiful sandy beaches with my little front basket filled with a bottle of Mestres Cava and a freshly baked baguette with a block of sheeps cheese from Navarra. When I found the perfect spot where I could lay my checkered green blanket down on the silky sand, I would jump off my bike, prepare my lunch […]

Why Should Readers Care about the European Wine Blogger Conference?

In only two months time, we will be co-hosting the first European Wine Blogger Conference in La Rioja, Spain, followed up in October by the American Wine Blogger’s Conference. So far, the responses and organization of both events have been exceptional. Both bloggers and wineries alike have shared their interest in gaining a better handle on how to benefit from this new medium of communication, but what about the reader? While bloggers across the planet are debating the merits of rating wine, how formatting and crafting content for a blog is different from print media, and ways to approach advertising so that bloggers may gain for their efforts, it dawned on us that our readers may feel left out and […]

What do Blog Readers want to Learn?

This post serves two purposes: 1) We want to assure everyone that the European Wine Blogger’s Conference is moving ahead at full steam. We have a wonderful group of diverse and interesting people coming together, along with some fantastic sponsors for whom we trust will make this event both practical and entertaining. However, for those of you still on the fence, please let us know ASAP if you can come! Additionally, for those of you already committed, we are interested in not only hearing what you think of our discussion topics, but also if you’tr interested in a trip to Portugal! After the conference in La Rioja, Spain, we’re working up an after-conference trip to Oporto to learn about port […]

Interview with Bruno Prats – Former Owner of Chateau Cos D’Estournel

There are times when a bit of luck and good timing align to provide you an incredible opportunity. At the conference, there were so many people we wanted to talk to and many we unfortunately missed. Thus, I honestly didn’t expect Bruno Prats to talk with us. I had just listened to his speech on climate change, using three different continents as examples, when suddenly during our lunch break, I found myself being introduced to him as he poured me a glass of the stunning wine Chryseia, a Douro red he produces alongside Charles Symington. The wine was amazing and Bruno Prats himself happened to be one of the kindest and most sincere men I have spoken to. Quickly, I […]

Wine Blogger Dinner! and Wine Blogger Conference!

On Tuesday, the 11th of March, there is a blogger dinner scheduled in downtown Barcelona. Bodegas Tintoralba, a large cooperative located in Almansa Spain, is sponsoring a dinner for bloggers of any make and model. Regardless if your passion is food, wine or travel, you are more than welcome to RSVP either here or here to inform us if you’ll be around. For those of you not familiar with the tasting schedule in Spain, the blogger dinner will be on the same week as the gigantic wine and food fair: Alimentaria. If you’re a blogger, we encourage you to sign up as press and attend, even if it’s only for one day. It’s a great opportunity to taste and explore […]

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2008 – Planning

So it appears that there is considerable support for the idea of having a European wine blogger conference. Those that are following along with last week’s post on the proposed conference will notice that we have a good diverse group. One thing to point out though, is that this is a work in progress and an attempt to do something with as much group involvement and participation as possible. Therefore, I’m going to start by saying that all offers to help out will be accepted. But first, we need to answer some preliminary questions before we go any further. 1) When do we want this? Gerry Dawes has mentioned that our proposed dates are not the best for various reasons. […]