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Cabernet Day is Here: Where to find Great Cabernets in Spain

Cabernet Sauvignon is an imported grape to the Spanish wine making world. Considered a “foreign” by many, some regions have been planting it for so long that it’s now perceived as an autochthonous grape. In fact, in Evan Goldsteins book, Perfect Pairings (page 134), it is suggested that it might have originated in Rioja. Imagine that?! Cabernet with a Spanish accent! However, my sense is that this theory is purely speculative. Instead, I believe that Cabernet turned up in Rioja when the Bordelais appeared in the late 19th century, in an effort to escape the phyloxera epidemic that was plaguing France. And as a result of its planting, it spread like wildfire to the rest of Spain. Mind you, no […]

Table Manners in Spain: Tackling The Tough Questions Like Where to Put the Olive Pit

Recently, we were asked if we could lay out the expected table manners in Spain in our Q&A section. As this is a relatively subjective question, considering that Spain is famous for rarely following any rule, I’ve done my best to compile the top 12 table manners as I’ve experienced them in Spain. Mind you, all of these can be debated, and I encourage anyone to chime in with their experiences. Also check out my inspiration for this article from Notes from Spain. “Stick em Up! Leave Your Hands Where I Can See Them” In Spain, one never lets your hands drop under the table. Why? Well, rumor has it that your hands have a funny way of meandering to […]

Top 5 Romantic Spanish and Portuguese Wines

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us; a day for which some ignore, some rebel against, and some embrace for fear of reprisal. However, there are those that actually like this intensely guilt ridden and consumer frenzied day, regardless of its flaws, as they see it as an opportunity to be ever so sweet and loving to one’s honey. Fine dinner, fresh bouquets of flowers, and of course, fine wines grace their table. For those of you who fall into the latter category, adoring the everything embodying the 14th of February, what are the truly “romantic”, and dare we say, sexy wines of Iberia? What wines are guaranteed heart stoppers when wooing that special someone? (Flickr photo by kalandrakas) We […]

Iberian Wine Links Around the Web – FITUR, Wine Pleasures, Sherry, Port and more

Welcome to another episode of “Links Around the Web”. Our originally featured addition, “Wine of the Week”, was sadly pushed up to make room for our long laundry list of links we wanted to share with you. I trust you won’t mind Catavino Speaking and Live Blogging at Wine Pleasures The Wine Pleasures International Wine Tourism Conference and Workshop, joining wine tourism professionals from around the world to discuss, reflect on and develop their ideas, will be hosted this weekend from January 24th – 27th in  Sitges (Barcelona). Ryan and I will be live blogging at both the Portuguese and  Spanish wine tastings on Friday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 24th. Using “Cover it Live‘, we will be providing a […]

Best Catavino Photos of 2008 – Which is your favorite?

I both love and hate Flickr. Some of the censorship issues have wavered my confidence in staying with them, while at the same time, the desire to upload my favorite pictures, and photos, gives me a great vision of the past year. After glancing through my photos from 2008, it seemed ludicrous not to share some of them with you. However, there are 219 in total, even after I went through the set with a fine tooth comb. I hope you enjoy the slideshow, as they’re a great reminder of all the fond memories we have from last year! Cheers, and here’s to even better pics in 2009! Ryan Opaz PS PS: the photo in this post is hands down […]

First Wine Print for Sale – Fall Vines in La Rioja, Spain

It’s probably no surprise for many of you to learn  that I love shooting photos. From time to time Catavino has shown pictures I have shot, and ever since Gabriella came to work full time for Catavino, we have a protocol when visiting vineyards that leads to many more exposures than before. Gabriella is a great writer and listener, and with her big blue eyes, her job is to charm the wine maker and get the story, as I wander about shooting pics and snagging shots of this and that. It works well and I love doing it. I suppose I had no choice but to like photography. As a child, my dad probably looked more like a lens to […]

Bierzo, a New Taste of Spain – New York Times

Within a span of an hour yesterday, we received notification from friends and family about an article published in the in the New York Times, about the Spanish wine region of Bierzo. It’s great to know that people are looking out for us, as well as seeing the mainstream media taking notice of some of the lesser known Spanish wine regions. The only way they can continue this level of growth as Spain moves towards the 70 DO mark (I think it’s coming sooner than later considering we’re already at 64), we need to grab the attention of the world press and wine drinking community. The article gives a nice softball recap of the region and touches on the indigenous […]