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The Alchemy of Crafting Spanish Wine for Sushi

Massive wine corporations and cynical marketing strategems don’t get great press these days but perhaps we should spare a thought for Grupo Freixenet and their Oroya Sushi wine. Freixenet and Sushi wine, I hear you cry, whatever next? But I’ve got quite a bit of time for it – in fact I might say I even admire the entire concept. For starters, I like the marketing. Sure, I don’t praise Bordeaux’s Chateau Lafite for putting a dinky little Chinese symbol on their 2008 – that’s just pathetic – but I might suggest that wine companies (not necessarily multinational giants) look into Malvasia Negra for Mexican food, Prieto Picudo for Paella or Banger and Mash Bonarda. The beauty of Oroya is that, like a […]

Alimentaria: A Food and Wine Adventure in Barcelona

If you’ve been following our massive influx of videos, tweets, flickr photos or articles, you’re savvy to our past weeks adventure where we brought a handful of bloggers to Barcelona from around the the world to experience Spain’s largest food and wine conferences called, Alimentaria. With the support of INCAVI, DO Emporda and DO Catalunya, bloggers from all walks of life including: journalism, winemaking, videoblogging, marketing and gastronomy, spent 4 days immersed in Catalan food and culture. We began our adventure on Monday, when Ryan O’Connell, Oliver Styles, Michael Oudyn, Mark Tafoya (aka Chef Mark) and Andre Ribeirinho joined us on a full tour of the winery, Freixenet (Click here to read our bodega profile). What does the “full tour” consist […]

Spanish Cava: The Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone, Wine

Warning: dead horse about to be beaten for the upteenth time. Spain’s famous sparkling libation is a recurring theme here at the Catavino homestead. Cava should always be considered when planning a meal, an event, or simply watching B movies and eating popcorn on a Wednesday night. Here at Catavino HQ, we tend to drink Cava when we’re tired and need a beverage with more energy and excitement than our current condition. And now that the holidays are upon us, deserving of ample “pick-me-ups”, let’s embark on the conversation of Cava once again. (photo by Alan Yau) Today, we’re going to give you the perfect silver bullet for each and every meal. No more thinking. No more fretting whether or […]

Barcelona: Which Wineries You Can Visit By Train

Quite often, we receive requests from people visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon or Oporto, as to which wineries they can visit by train, taxi or foot. Our responses have commonly been, “Good question! And to be quite honest, I don’t know!” Well, maybe Oporto is the exception, as you have a plethora you can get to, but the rest are rather iffy at best. As mentioned in several articles on Catavino, enotourism in Iberia is rather primitive at best. Very few wineries even allow visits, less have someone speaking anything other than their regional language, and just a handful will actually go out of their way to make your transportation to their winery convenient and easy. That said, we decided to […]

Global Economic Crisis and Spanish Wine, Portugal Pay Attention

I received today a press release that I want to discuss with the caveat that you please provide feedback and thoughts in the comments. FEV, The Spanish Wine Federation, is a private group dedicated to tracking, promoting and defending the image of Spanish wine both nationally and abroad. In Spanish, they emailed me a decent newsletter full of information on Spanish wine sales and conferences which they host to discuss issues relevant to the industry. In today’s press release from the FEV: “Márgenes y Estrategias en la Industria del Vino” – Las empresas del vino analizan en Madrid los efectos de la crisis en el sector “Margins and Strategies in the Wine Industry” – Wine Businesses analyze in Madrid, the […]

Iberian Links Around the Web

Why is it that every time I write this post, I feel like I am announcing the title for a marvel comics series. In a deep echoing voice, I imagine myself with a cape and megaphone, shouting “Liiiinks Aroouuund theee Weeeeeb!!” while keeping my right hand raised high with a clenched fist as if to pronounce my power. Maybe I’m just overly excited after the lengthy conversations on Twitter among fellow wine bloggers to form a Wine Blogger Magazine? This is an idea that Ryan and I have been chatting about for quite some time, and to see the conversation finally begin, especially when considering the larger audience it could attract, is great. With the combined efforts of Wine Bloggers […]

Bodega Profile – Freixenet – DO Cava

Years ago, while working as the assistant restaurant manager for the Nicollet Island Inn, a swanky hotel situated on an island in the heart of Minneapolis, I had a rather unique experience debating as to whether Freixenet was a Champagne or a Cava. As three very inquisitive and rather bull-headed, business executives fondled the Cordon Negro bottle, their solitary female counterpart inquired in a high-pitched, squeaky voice, “So, what you’re saying that this wine isn’t Champagne?” “I’m afraid that it is not Champagne. They call it a Cava”, I replied, unable to get the image of her nibbling on a piece of cheese, rather than a steamy plate of Chicken Cordon Bleu, as her mousy voice continued to rattle in […]

Freixenet – Money Wasted or Money Well Spent?

A few days ago, there was a post on the wine blog, Tempranillo, pointing me to the new Martin Scorsese movie commissioned by Freixnet, the largest Cava producer in Spain, to promote their wine Carta Nevada Reserva. Here’s the flick on YouTube, though from what I can tell, it was not posted by Freixenet on the popular social network site, but rather uploaded by fans of Scorsese. Click here to Watch this It’s a fun film, but is it worth the effort? Have you seen it before? What are your thoughts? If you go to the site and watch the movie, you have the option of leaving a suggestion for following year’s movie. In addition, Freixenet created a “blog” to […]