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La Xarcu – Unexpected Culinary Treat Hidden Where You Would Least Expect It in Barcelona

Crazy, seriously crazy. I never, in a million years, would have expected to find what we found last Tuesday afternoon when meeting a winery rep for lunch while we evangelized Social Media and tasted some new wines. Our contact from the winery sent us an address, and I remember opening it in Google maps and swearing that couldn’t be the place he meant to say. I had to confirm twice, since it happened to be a small deli where we used to have coffee with friends, located just around the corner from their old apartment in Gracia. Nice enough place, but for lunch?! Anyways, we arrived early, and as we are often prone to do, we both ordered a nice […]

All Gabriella Wants for her Birthday is the Assurance that you VOTED!

Today, Gabriella is officially a year older [he meant to say wiser] and looking better than ever [I swear that I didn't bribe him with a bottle of scotch to say that]! 33 years of figuring out where she wants to live in the world and what she dares to do with her life, things are truly coming together for her. She has a nice house, two great cats, a bald stunningly handsome husband [how can I argue with that?!], and lot’s of wine! Additionally, to her great fortune, she gets to celebrate her birthday on the most important day of the year, election day [it's an honor]! And because we live in Spain, where the average voter turn out […]