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Harvesting in the Priorat 2009: The Theory Behind “Unnatural Selection”

Recently, a friend of ours Raymond Magourty (Raymondo) was given the opportunity to work the harvest for a Mas Doix, a prestigious wine producer in the town of Poboleda who’s recent Parker Points have elevated it in popularity, is located in the Priorat. With his background in wine, and desire to learn more about about the Priorat, the winery took him on as an apprentice during the harvest. Hence over the next few months, Raymondo will be chiming every now and then with his day to day experiences working a Cataluna harvest! You can also read about his experience at the start of the harvest, visiting local wine festivals, and the uncommon debate of when to pick the grapes and […]

Harvesting the Priorat: Picking Pedro Ximenez Grapes

Editor’s Note: Have you ever wanted to work a grape harvest – picking, hauling and carrying grapes until your body feels like its been beaten by a 50 pound sandbag? Personally, I have, in part because I’m a sucker for manual labor, but also because I find farming to be a very grounding task. It takes the wine we buy in a store, bottled in sleek and attractive packaging, and brings it back to its essence. Manual harvests introduce humans back to nature, allowing us to smell the earth, feel its natural grittiness under our fingernails and taste a freshly plucked sweet grape from the vine. This process is far from clean, perfect or orderly, but it is life inspiring. […]

Fiestas de la Vendimia: Tasting Sherry During the Harvest Festival in Jerez

The Jerez “Fiestas de la Vendimia” or harvest festival, which first happened in 1948, is in full swing at the moment. This is one harvest festival which is worth a visit, especially if you are keen on Sherry. This year the festival started on the 5th of September and ends on the 20th, so three weeks packed full of activities. As Spain is a Catholic country, seeking a bit of divine intervention goes without saying. You know, to make sure the grapes come in OK, fermentation does not get stuck and everyone has fun at the festival. So, accordingly, last Sunday, following long-standing tradition, an old-school press was set up in the Cathedral square and group of traditionally dressed men […]