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Their success; their ability to effectively communicate about spanish and portuguese wine; their energy to grow and create dynamic, authentic and extraordinary services have attracted hundreds of thousands of iberian wine lovers from around the world.
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Preserving the Mediterranean Diet

A walk through our sprawling Spanish market may place you in a schizophrenic state of confusion as to where you might want to spend your change. “Well, this lady’s fruit looks unbelievably good,” you say to yourself “but so does this guy over here.” The internal bantering continues with, “These […]

Iberian Wine News Around the Web

Tasting both Old and New Spanish Wines from Catalonia In the Dining and Wine Edition of the New York Times, we found a great article about a Spanish wine tasting in New York on wines from our home-region of Catalunya. Eric Asimov writes of his recent experience tasting 23 bottles […]

Iberian Wine News from Around the Web

2007 New Wave Spanish Wine Awards As you know, Ryan and I aren’t enormous fans of wine competitions, as a result of wineries needing to pay to get their wines into the competition instead of merit, but we think it would a disservice to you if we didn’t give you […]

Global Wine Distributor signs Agreement with Martín Códax

Being that Catavino’s Virtual Wine Tasting this month is Albariño, how interesting that the international wine distributor E&J Gallo just signed an agreement with the Galician winery, Martín Códax to retain exclusive rights to distribute their wines in the US. As a result of this contract, Martín Códax will not […]

Iberian Wines News From Around the Web

Atlas del Vino Español Our side project, and eventual Spanish wine resource, has launched officially in Beta. At FENAVIN last week, we saw a lot of interest for the project and now it’s on us to rally that interest into something bigger. In time, the Atlas del Vino Español will […]

Latest Iberian Wine Update

As Saturday has finally arrived, it is time to take a look around the web as to what has crossed our path this week: Hold Placed against Restricting Alcohol Ads Spain had proposed a restriction against alcohol advertising in attempt to lower the rate of under-age drinking. In the past […]

Wine News Around the Web

Well, at this point, almost 2 weeks after I got the friggin head cold that wiped me out of commission, you would think it would be gone. You’d be wrong. While, I’m for the most part, concious and able to function, my sinuses and head are still off balance, not […]

When Spanish Wine Growers Turn Geek

I still remember when Ryan and I first decided on moving to Spain. We each held a romantic picture in our heads of what Spain was like from what little we saw in coffee table books, movies and paintings. Woman dancing flamenco in the streets, while men squatted in a […]

Spain Adds to the List of Positive Health Benefits from Red Wine

Although we have heard several news outlets such as CNN, Science Daily, BBC, Yale and Time rave about the health benefits of drinking red wine, we felt it was important to point out a little discovery from a Spanish research company. Recently, The Spanish Ageing Research Network found a direct […]

9th Annual OTBN: Open the Bottle Night

As many of you are aware, February 24th will mark the 9th Annual Open the Bottle Night. This is the perfect opportunity for you to break open your new special bottle of Portuguese or Spanish wine that you’ve been carrying around with you from house to house, or apartment to […]