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What does it Take to Become an Expat Winemaker in Iberia?

Editor’s Note: This article was posted prior to David Booth’s passing. However, we are retaining the tone of the original article as his views are still relevant and very respected.  Over the years, Ryan and I have shared several stories with you regarding our lives as expats in Spain. We’ve lamented days when our heat, gas or electricity have been shut off with no previous warning. We’ve told you of heralding feats to jump through bureaucratic hoops as foreign business owners; our delight and awe over vinous treasures we never thought to have existed; and our prolonged addiction to the European way of life. Our time here has been both magical and a menace, a decision we would proudly make […]

Catavino Awarded “Best Writing” at 2010 Wine Blog Awards

Catavino has been awarded the “Best Writing on a Wine Blog” by the annual Wine Blog Awards at the 2010 North American Wine Bloggers Conference. Humbled and appreciative, it would be impossible to have won it without our dedicated community who not only voted for us, but who supports us every day. Community encapsulates our dedicated readers who have gone so far as to send emails if a word is misspelled or a comma is out of position; bloggers who suggest a new topic, a trendy restaurant or who simply give us juicy content by visiting us in Iberia; and of course, our passionate and dedicated contributors, who consistently aim to give us the best content for nothing more than […]

2010 World Cup: Loyalties Divide Between Spanish Versus Portuguese Wine

We have a dilemma. Tomorrow we are set to witness a fate that any aficionado of Iberian wine food or culture would call a disaster. Our loyalties to our adopted peninsula run deep, but we must admit that we are leading a double life, split along a divide of not only political borders, but more importantly, football borders. Tomorrow, the 29th of June, we at Catavino will need to settle, rather uncomfortably, on the white picket divide when Portugal will play against Spain in the 2010 World Cup. The silver lining to this story is that we are not currently in Iberia; and thus, we do not need barricade ourselves into our house so as not to arise suspicion. Safe […]

Iberian Spotlight: The economics of the 2009 harvest and its implications (part 2)

Editor’s note: Everyday, we come across fantastic articles on an Iberian food, wine or cultural experience by a blogger. Some are based here in Spain and Portugal, while others are chiming in halfway around the globe with a new Portuguese recipe or Spanish wine. So in the spirit of sharing quality content, we’re featuring a new section on Catavino called, “Iberian Spotlight”, which will highlight articles we feel are too great to pass by. Many of these bloggers aren’t getting the recognition they deserve, and by spotlighting them, we’re hoping to show added appreciation for their effort! After almost one month of celebrating Christmas, New Year’s and Epiphany, January is usually a pretty dead month in Rioja.  Except in the […]

3 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Culinary Vacation

It seems that the holidays are all but a distant memory now. For those of us who spend our 40+ hours a week in a mundane, unfulfilling job the only glimmer of hope is the occasional day off due to a random holiday popping up on the calendar and, of course, vacation! This is where our story begins… As I sat at the mahogany-colored desk situated squarely within the four walls of my dreary, beige-colored office adorned with posters of travel destinations – any of which I would rather be visiting than where I was at that time – I dreamed of a vacation that was different from any that I had ever experienced previously. I could return to Spain […]

Contribute to the Haiti Cause through Wine

When tragedy strikes, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling as if you’re powerless to do anything, especially when the devastation is so great. As a result of the earthquake in Haiti, tens of thousands of people have either lost their lives or have been trapped under heavy rubble without food or water. The situation has only become graver as days past, with gangs taking their intimidation techniques to the streets, survivors looting and robbing shops for whatever food they can find, not to mention the mass of orphans needing basic shelter and care. The question being, what can we do? If you’re equally passionate about wine, here’s your opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and contribute to a good cause. […]

Iberian Wine Resources: Which Winery Blogs and Wine Resources are Relevant to You?

When we arrived to Spain a half decade ago, there were exactly zero wine blogs in Iberia. In fact, blogging was just taking form as a medium; a blank slate they say, that has no means of being erased. Once Catavino began to publish, many of the Spanish and Portuguese citizen wine bloggers emerged, inevitably motivating wineries to join in on the fun. Today, it’s getting harder to keep up with all the wine blogs, food blogs and winery blogs proliferating on this Bacchus blessed peninsula of ours. Additionally true, it’s becoming equally difficult to sort through the ample amount of web pages that have good information on the wines of Iberia. However, we’re going to do our best to […]

Top 5 Reasons Spain and Portugal Can Succeed at Social Media

After my last post on Iberia’s state of success using social media, I received several supporting emails and a few others who felt as if I was a bit tough on Spain. My intent was to write a post that motivated both countries to prove me wrong in my assessment that they are falling behind the times. Social Media, the Internet and technology are the future, and in some places, the present when marketing wine online. There are two options for wineries: admit its existence and discuss ways to approach the internet, or bury your head back in the sand and ignore it while your neighbors charge ahead. So today, I want to tell you, the consumer, and any producers […]

Casa Rurales: The Perfect Way to Explore Spain and Portugal in Affordable Comfort!

There is a secret in Iberia, a tidbit of information so valuable that even a worldwide economic recession wouldn’t keep you from visiting the peninsula. It’s called a casa rural, or a rural house. Generally quaint and charming, as each one is a reflection of its owner, these houses dot the Iberian landscape in perfect camouflage. (Flickr photo by albertitoglez) What is a Casa Rural (Spain) or Turism Rural (Portugal)? A casa/turism rural is a house located in the sticks, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s meant to be a getaway place, somewhere to hang up your hat for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.  This is where you’ll find an 16th […]

Social Media and Wine in Iberia, A Growing Phenomenon

We’ve been begging for it, pleading for it in fact. Social media and wine are like a marriage made in heaven, and today, Iberia is finally starting to realize the value. All at once, there is a flood of social media like events/ideas/and projects coming out of Spain and Portugal, and it feels good! I hope that Catavino, in our own small way helped in their revelation, but it was inevitable regardless of our influence. Why? Because the Spanish and Portuguese love to talk, and social media is all about the conversation. Therefore, if there was a location in the world to take social media and run full throttle with it, it’s Iberia. So what’s happening? Well let’s shoot you […]