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‘Spainovino’, the sequel (an update)

Great conversation going on over at the Parker BB. It turns out that the filmmaker of Mondovino is coming to Spain to interview some winemakers, all except Victor de la Serna who refused an interview with him. It is an interesting story to follow along with considering the influence Victor […]

The Closing of a Fantastic Year

The New Year is right around the corner, and I hope that all of you are getting ready to spend it with good friends and great wine. 2005 was the first year of many for Catavino, and we’re looking forwards to an exciting 2006 – more articles on strange grapes, […]

Interview – Victor de la Serna

For those that don’t know Victor de la Serna is regarded by many as one of the top three most influential wine experts on Spanish wine, the others being José Peñín of the Guía Penín le los Vinos de España and Andrés Proensa of the Guía Proensa de los Mejores […]

Interview – Christopher Cannan of Europvin

A few months ago, I attended Spain’s largest wine show [FENAVIN->], the equivalent to France’s [VINEXPO->], and was fortunate enough to taste through some wines with the well-known wine exporter Christopher Cannan. Christopher’s company [Europvin->] is a name synonymous with quality, representing wines as varied as Bordeaux, Portugal, Hungary, Priorat, […]

Interview with Roy Hersh

It was about 3 years ago that I first started visiting the bulletin board over at At that time, I was just starting to fall in love with wine, and I found this forum to be a good place to ask questions that I couldn’t find answers to elsewhere. […]