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Sherry in London

On a trip to London last week, I tried to get a feel for how consumers might see sherry. Just ordinary consumers,not the sorts who buy wines from expensive West End merchants.Of course, this exercise was totally unscientific. In between errands and meetings, I dropped into as many shops as I could to get an idea of what a potential sherry drinker might experience. I stupidly forgot my camera at home, and the pictures my phone produced are simply not up to scratch for this post. So you will have to do with this picture of Tio Pepe and the amusing advert down below. Anyway, the value wines account for the largest part of the steady decline in sherry sales […]

Enopata – A Wine Lover’s Treasure in the Heart of Valencia

Located just off Plaza de la Reina in the Gothic section of the city of Valencia, snuggled within the tiny courtyard of La Plaza del Arzobispo sits Enopata – a two month old restaurant devoted exclusively to wine. On the first night of our three day trip to Valencia this past weekend, our hope was to discover a fun and wine centered location where a group of wine bloggers could gather to share our passion and stories about wine. And although none of us had either visited or heard much about Enopata, we banked on the sage advice of Joantxo Llantada, the Regional Tourism Director of Valencia, that this restaurant was worthy of impressing even the most knowledgeable of wine […]

Sherry at EWBC 2008 and Alvaro Domecq

Initially, I thought I would be the only person bringing sherry to the EWBC 2008 invitational tasting, but once things got going, I was pleased to see that some Osborne Fino Quinta and the Manzanilla and Fino from Equipo Navazos (Nos 7 and 8 ) had made an appearance. The more the merrier, as far as I was concerned. I think the guys from Vinustv provided the Navazos wines and that Osborne had sent a few bottles of Fino Quinta to Catavino. Navazos are doing really interesting things, but this post is about the wines I took along, which were from Alvaro Domecq here in Jerez. A not insubstantial number of bottles where donated by Alvaro Domecq, and they also […]

Bodega Profile – Bodegas Osborne S.A. – DO Jerez

Osborne is Spain’s most prestigious producer of wines and spirits. Headquartered in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain, in the famous brandy and sherry-producing region of Jerez. Osborne currently produces world-renowned brandy, sherry, port, fine regional wines and anise liqueur.
Founded in 1772, Osborne is one of the oldest firms of wine and spirit producers in Spain. The firm’s industrial and commercial activities were started by Thomas Osborne Mann, an Englishman. Upon Mann’s death, his sons, Thomas and John, inherited the business.

Bodega Profile – Bodegas Emilio Lustau S.A. – DO Jerez

In 1896, Don Jose Ruiz-Berdejo began cultivating grape vines on his estate, Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza (Our Lady of Hope), located right outside of Jerez de la Frontera. Once the wine was made, Jose would store the barrels on his estate and later sell them to a large exporting company. By the 1950′s, Jose’s son-in-law, Don Emilio Lustau Ortega, offered a new more innovative vision for the Bodega. Foreseeing a strong and expansive future, Emilio moved the bodega to the ancient Santiago district in the heart of Jerez.

Timeline of Spanish Sherry

Sometimes the best time to write is when you least expect ideas to be born, and at 2am, I guarantee you that I had no intention of putting my fingers to the keyboard. However, life has a funny way of nudging you, and I felt it was my sworn duty to get up, shake off my sluggish physical exhaustion and use whatever motivation was driving the hamster in my brain to learn about the history of sherry considering it is July’s Virtual Tasting theme on our Forum. However, Spanish history to me can be as convoluted and confusing as watching the US tackle Health reform; therefore, I thought a straight-forward time line might do the trick in giving me some […]

Osbourne – El Puerto de Santa María

One of the oldest and most prestigious sherry producers in Spain, was founded by an Englishman, Thomas Osborne Mann. Bodegas Osborne is located in El Puerto de Santa María, in the province of Cádiz, in the heart of the wine growing region known as the “Sherry Triangle”, formed by the towns of Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. A particular subzone of this famed area is known as “Jerez Superior,” so named for the esteemed “albarizas” found there, the white chalky soil ideal for growing sherry vines.

TN – Grandma Wine? Cream Sherry

So by now most of you know that I am a fan of Sherry. I’m not afraid to admit it, but in fact, I revel in its meaning. This noble wine that has fallen off the wagon of wine popularity is in my opinion due for a comeback. With wine drinkers everywhere looking to the “new big thing”, I hope that some of you will turn to Sherry for another look. In the myriad of styles and flavors that *Spanish Sherry can be found, I’m sure that if everyone takes some time to explore them, they will most likely find something that they can enjoy and revel in. Be it delicate Manzanilla’s framed by soft salt air, nutty Olorosos that […]

Bodegas La Cigarrera – Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Last weekend I had the fortune of visiting one of the most important wine regions in Spain, historically speaking that is. San Lúcar de Barrameda is located on the southern coast of Spain at the point where the river Guadalaquivir runs into the Atlantic Ocean. What makes this city so important is that it for centuries has been one of the three biggest producers of sherry. Now I know I have spent a lot of time on the subject of sherry and I don’t want this site to be only about sherry. But I do feel that there is a lot to say on the subject and I hope my readers enjoy the information that I share. That being said […]

TN – Pedro Ximenez Wines – DO Jerez-Xérès-Sherry

According to Jancis Robinson’s “Guide to Wine Grapes“, Pedro Ximenez “… is capable of producing very ripe grapes and is by far the dominant grape for the sherry-like wines of [Montilla-Moriles->].” My experience, up until my moving to Spain, was that of watching a small bottle of PX linger on the shelf at my retail wine shop without anyone quite knowing how to sell it! This has changed, and while I still haven’t found a direct connection with this mysterious wine, I have learned that I need to explore it more. I’ve even read that it is often poured over vanilla ice cream! – though this is also not the only way that people use this grape. Depending on where […]