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Collaboration in Spain

As the international success stories of newcomers like Australia and Chile and traditional producers like France and Italy have made evident, a country’s image makes a big difference to wine sales. The truth is, few products flaunt their origin so openly in their struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As Spain’s economy deteriorates and domestic consumption decreases, Spanish wine producers are compelled to look to export markets to survive. In spite of its status as the world’s leading country in vineyard area and the third largest producer in volume worldwide, Spain has been unable to take its rightful place of leadership in international markets. Among the reasons for this are the small size of Spanish wineries, a distorted country […]

Wines of Portugal International Conference: A Country’s Struggle to Amplify Their Message Internationally

Recently, we experienced Portugal’s first attempt at an international wine conference with “The Wines of Portugal International Conference” in Oporto. Presented by ViniPortugal – the Portuguese wine trade association devoted to promoting Portuguese wines – this three day conference was held in the austere and historical Alfandega do Porto, a former customs building constructed in 1859, by the French architect Jean F. G. Colson. Approximately 450 participants gathered in Oporto, 200 of which traveled from numerous countries including: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, China and Japan. Along with hearing from internationally renowned wine industry leaders, the program allowed for several wine tastings both at the principle Wine Fair and at several guided tastings outside of […]

Anta Banderas (aka Antonio Banderas): Focus on Quality Wine Making, Not Innovative Marketing

Recently while shopping at Carrefour, a mega all-purpose super-store, I spotted a new wine called, “ATempranillo”. Then again, maybe it was called, Anta Banderas Tintor Roble 4 meses? Not entirely clear. Regardless, what caught my eye was not that it was produced by Antonio Banderas‘ new Ribera del Duero winery – though odd – but that the neck label on a Spanish wine allowed you to read it with your phone! WOW! It’s only been a few years since we started pushing a technology called QRcodes with the help of – but hey, better late than never – and I was excited to see it on a “celebrity wine” in hopes that it would raise its exposure. Unfortunately, not […]

Environmental Friendly Wines: Worth Our Attention or a Marketing Ploy

We are currently in route to the II International Conference on Organic Viticulture, Sustainability and Climate Change (EcoSostenibleWine 2010) being held just south of Barcelona in Vilafranca de Penedes. Organised by the Catalan Institute of Wine and Viticulture (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action) and the Special Food Technology Research Centre (Autonomous University of Barcelona), the goal of the conference is to disseminate information on the latest technology in sustainability, organic procedures, and means to reduce the advance of climate change among winemakers and viticulturalists alike. (Photo by by graftedno1) In light of eco-unfriendly events occurring around the globe, Ryan and I felt it was important to investigate a topic we feel is important, sustainability. However, the way in […]

Under the Ashcloud – Live at the London International Wine Fair

Who knew that volcanos and ash clouds would become such a huge influence in our lives today. However, no matter how large the ash cloud, the show must go on. This week, we’re a bit light on the Spanish and Portuguese coverage only because we’re busy helping wineries to get online here in London. In February, we were approached by the organizers of the London International Wine Fair (LIWF) to do give a talk prior to the conference, and in exchange, they would set up a stand (60 meters) for us to “preach the good word” that the internet is here to stay. Today, we find ourselves in a stand that is big enough to host workshops with 2 large […]

Changing Behaviors and Admitting You Are Wrong – Life Lessons

Today’s post is inspired by reflection based on an unintentional mistake. Here at Catavino, and the money making arm of our company, Catavino Marketing, we spend the majority of our time showing wineries how change can alter their current conditions. For example, simply by talking to consumers online, they can sell more wine, rather than ignoring them and expecting their retailers and importers to do the work. Or just by setting up a twitter account, they might build greater loyalty within their customer base. The key is to think differently, trying something new that might not be comfortable. But in order to achieve this goal, you must throw aside your pride and admit that your ideas are not the only ones […]

Port Wine is Investigating New Markets by Displaying their Marketing Savvy

Wine is a commodity. Sorry to pop your dreamy image, but it’s true. We try to sell the romance to convince the consumer of something more; but in the end, wine is a product, with a market and pricing pressures. Currently, Spain and Portugal are all to familiar with these ever demanding pressures. Many wineries who wanted image, prestige and greatness are accepting the hard truth that they have a product to sell if they want to keep the lights on. Markets are tight, prices have dropped and the sector is hurting. So what do you do when this happens? If you have a commodity with a demand, you need to sell, sell, sell! Or, you need to assess the […]

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You: A Spanish Winery Thinking Outside the Box!

Twitter is indispensable. If you think it is not, then you are either not on it, or just to stubborn to admit that crazy ideas that are hard to understand can still be valuable. Today I saw this: Xarop: Me ha llegado el vino por cortesia de Loogic y Bodegas Vihuecas – In english: The wine has arrived courtsey of the Loogic and Bodegas Vihuecas. This caught my attention, since I know Bodegas Vihuecas from their very poorly and uninteresting blog. When they announced they would be blogging last year, I quickly added them to our list, but sadly, that fire has faded. That mentioned their awareness that things need to get done differently, and for this, I applaud […]

Wineries Around the World, Listen Up! Catavino’s Free PDF Will Help You Understand Social Media Better

How many articles have we written on the importance of wineries creating a strong Internet presence? Half a dozen, a dozen? Global Economic Crisis and Spanish Wine, Portugal Pay Attention Wake Up, Stupid Winery Marketing in Action QR Code and Wine Gary, Note to Self, Do Some Research! Portugal, Note to Self, Pay Attention to Gary! Alimentaria, the Good and the Bad! We have begged, pleaded, and gotten on both knees trying to convince the Iberian wine community to take notice, but it seemed as if our voices were merely bouncing off of brick walls, only reaching the chosen few who really were open to change. So we tried another route, creating an Internet marketing company to provide wineries the […]

QR Code and Wine – Another Zany Idea from Catavino

Gabriella here, hoping to provide you a dash of clarity as to what happened in yesterday’s post. The image you saw was not an elaborate crossword puzzle, nor was our aim to hypnotize you, unless that translated to you sending us cases of great wine. Our intention was to introduce you to one of our many eccentric ideas in regards to wine marketing. The image you encountered is called a QR-Code, a two dimensional matrix code created in 1994 by the Japanese company, Denso-Wave. “QR” stands for Quick Response, which permits the user to obtain the data at high speed with a scanner. While old school bar codes are capable of storing a max of around 20 digits, QR Code […]