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Spanish Bodega Profile – Heretat de Cesilia – DO Alicante

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited their winery on several occasions now, but this particular visit was a little different in that – full disclosure – my partner Emilio Saez van Eerd is working to help them both find exporters and to set up a one of a kind wine tourism project, something I hope that we can write about in the near future. What I can say from my perspective is that the wines made here are of high quality. The French winemaker, Sebastien Boudon, is very intent on achieving a goal, which I feel he has achieved: to make wine from the local native grapes using methodologies he learned from his native region in Bordeaux called, Entre deux Mer.

Salvador Poveda

Last month, when I was in Alicante, I received a mixed case of wines from Bodega Salvador Poveda. Four bottles were from a series of wines called, Toscar. All monovarietals, they were created to demonstrate the region’s terroir as it relates to each varietals unique characteristics. Over the past two […]

TN – Casa de la Ermita Crianza and Petite Verdot

I would be hard pressed to find a more agreeable wine producing region than Jumilla. Adventurous, avant garde wines being made with grapes less commonly found in Spain mixed with Spanish grapes such as Monastrell that has been making its comeback for years but that always seems to miss out on the glory. A red, very sweet grape, Monastrell makes deeply colored wines characterized by a high alcoholic content and often a cherry liqueur kind of undertone.