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A Brief Interview with Robert M. Parker Jr. – Wine Bloggers and the Internet

Robert Parker is arguably the most powerful voice in the wine world, or at the very least in the  US wine world today. His point system, which is both heralded by some and scorned by others, nonetheless causes markets to shift and wines to sell. Personally, Robert Parker is also one of the reasons I first started to get interested in wine some 12 years ago. At the time, I read his books and often purchased the wines he rated well. Ironically, this exploration and education by Robert has led me to follow his suggestions less and to trust my own palate more when it comes to buying wines. (photo by gastromia y cia) As a result of new media […]

SITT Tasting in London and an Interview with Jamie Goode from the Wine Anorak

Yesterday, Ryan and I had the incredible opportunity of attending the SITT Tasting, also commonly known as the Speciality Importers Trade Tasting at the famed Vinopolis. Built around a Victorian Railway Viaduct, Vinopolis is situated at the world famous Borough Food Market in the bustling Bankside area, just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. The tasting itself is a business to business event, allowing small importers to showcase their wines to journalists, retailers, distributors, etc. Consequently, the wines featured are very unique, small production wines that are generally very hard to come by. And for two Iberian based wine journalists to taste unique grapes from Chile, rare blends from New Zealand and even old favourites from the Port […]

Wine Blogger Challenge – Dig deep and investigate

Sorry to our readers of Iberian wine news, because today, is a blogger show. I listen to TWIT religiously. If you are even tangentially interested in the online tech world, I highly suggest it. Each week, they talk about gadgets, websites and online issues, and occasionally, it directly applies to my life. A few weeks ago, TWIT featured an episode on “The Death of Journalism”, asking the following guest speakers to chime in with their educated thoughts and opinions: Leo Laporte, Steve Gillmor, Mark Frauenfelder, and Molly Wood. Now, although I’ve heard this argument several times before, I usually consider it “the sky is falling” rhetoric, where we all complain about how everything is changing and nothing is good in […]

Wine Journalists, might consider using WordPress if you decide to join us! ;)

I’m ticked off. I was supposed to be at the Meeting of Wine Creators in Ronda, Spain, this past weekend, but sadly, was unable to iron out the logistics to get there. It might seem like a trivial reason, but I would have needed to take a bus from the airport, and then transfer to a second bus in order to finally arrive in Ronda. I could have made it work, but for a two day conference, it seemed like a ridiculous amount of effort and wasted time traveling. Regardless, it sounded as if it was interesting, when considering the fascinating topics discussed. Top wine makers, wine writers and experts gathered in a who’s who of the wine world to […]