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Wineries Around the World, Listen Up! Catavino’s Free PDF Will Help You Understand Social Media Better

How many articles have we written on the importance of wineries creating a strong Internet presence? Half a dozen, a dozen? Global Economic Crisis and Spanish Wine, Portugal Pay Attention Wake Up, Stupid Winery Marketing in Action QR Code and Wine Gary, Note to Self, Do Some Research! Portugal, Note to Self, Pay Attention to Gary! Alimentaria, the Good and the Bad! We have begged, pleaded, and gotten on both knees trying to convince the Iberian wine community to take notice, but it seemed as if our voices were merely bouncing off of brick walls, only reaching the chosen few who really were open to change. So we tried another route, creating an Internet marketing company to provide wineries the […]

Iberian Links Around the Web and Catavino’s September Newsletter

Where do I begin this rambling and nonsensical post, filled with random bits of information that don’t really deserve a full post onto themselves, but that still need to be said? Well, where else than our “Iberian Links Around the Web”! Similar to your kitchen junk drawer, this post is filled with interesting bits of information that you may not ever need, but may come in use when you least expect it. The Sixth….Taste Granted, although we don’t have Haley Joel Osment scaring us with his momentary episodes of seeing dead people, we can be equally freaked out the next time your buddy turns to you after drinking a glass of wine and says, “I’m not really getting a bitter […]

Catavino’s Rioja Report is Finished!!!!!!

Whoo hooo! We did it! We’ve finally released our best newsletter to date, or so we humbly believe. Having started this adventure last November with a full report on Port wines, followed by a second newsletter on Spanish Cava wines, we are ecstatic to announce our third newsletter on La Rioja wines. After 3 weeks of 16 hour work days, we are proud to give you….drum roll please….! We created a website dedicated to the wines and food of La Rioja, along with many other fun treats, including: an interactive map of Rioja, marking our experiences throughout our seven day trip; a full album of La Rioja photographs displaying everything from the smallest winery we experienced at Bodegas Arranz-Argote to […]

What does Rioja, Jancis Robinson and 65 DOs have in Common?

Ahhh, actually, they have absolutely nothing in common, but because we had a fair amount of material to cover today, we thought we’d create little hodge-podge of fun facts and interviews. Plus, after week of being inundated with information on global warming, we thought you deserved a break, or at least a quasi break (keep reading and you’ll understand). D.O. Arlanza and D.O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora I’ve forgotten how many Denominacion de Origens there were when we first began Catavino three years ago, but damn, it feels like their increasing as quickly as Brittney Spear’s rap sheet. Our two newest additions, D.O. Arlanza and D.O. Tierra del vino de Zamora located in Castilla y Leon, have finally joined […]

Catavino’s Newsletter on Spanish Cava has Arrived!

We’ve done it! Although our two man/woman production was a little delayed in getting you your edition as quickly as we had hoped, we finally put our nose in the flute and our fingers to the keyboard in order to produce a 21 page newsletter. Not bad for a second edition, now is it? Despite the whirlwind of holiday chaos, a 10 day jaunt through the fjords of Norway and a few spells of respiratory illness, we’re quite pleased with the final result. So what can you expect? You can expect a featured interview with the iconoclastic winemaker, Manuel Raventos of Raventos i Blanc, a compilation of useful Spanish Cava terms, 30 Spanish cava tasting notes covering brut nature, brut […]

Gabriella’s and Ryan’s Picks for 2007

As we are enjoying the holidays with family in Norway, savoring cured lamb and drinking aquavit, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite articles throughout the year. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment as to which was your favorite Catavino article! Whether it’s from the list, or an article you fondly remember, let us know. 3 Portuguese Wines and an Orange Metal Bucket A lazy Friday night uncovers three Portuguese white wines that both astound and severely disappoint us. 9th Annual OTBN: Open the Bottle Night Why is Open the Bottle Night, created by Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, columnists for the wine section in the Wall Street Journal, a highly recommended […]

Happy Holidays to all

Can you believe that we’ve lived in Spain for 3 years! 3 years!!!! That, my friend, is incredible. How quickly time flies when you’re having fun. It’s also been two and half years since our creation of Catavino! Granted, the first year of its debut was more of personal journal than a comprehensive Iberian wine site, but the passion has carried through from day one. A second aspect that has continually woven itself through the creation of our site, and our aspirations and dreams of living in Spain, is that everything changes. Change is one of the few guarantees we have in life. What we first envisioned as our end goal when we moved here has morphed and altered, appearing […]

It’s Done, Finished, Set to Go and Ready for Download! Catavino’s 1st Newletter!

It’s 20 pages of girth, containing 40+ tasting notes, 2 interviews, a wine profile and so much more! All you need to do now, is see if it’s in your inbox. If you thought you signed up for our newsletter, but you haven’t received it yet, well then you fell victim to our conversion to a better newsletter program. When we switched software, some of you probably didn’t receive the second confirmation email, and will need to re-register. No worries, because anyone who registers before the end of December will receive this months newsletter free of charge. So make sure you’ve signed up! Here’s a list of wineries whose wines we wrote about: Taylor Faldgate Fonseca Quinta de Quevedo Ramos […]

Catavino’s Newsletter and other House keeping

This is depressing we’re at almost 10,000 uniques a month but only have five subscribers to our newsletter What makes this situation worst is that this translates to almost 10,000 people missing out on our upcoming tasting notes of all of the Port wines we tried this month! Not to mention our our interview with Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of The Fladgate Partnership, and a couple of extra bodega profiles!! Just to give you a taste, we have over 40 notes on various wine from these Portuguese Wine producers: Taylor Fladgate, Fonseca, Croft, Quinta de Ventozelo, Quevedo, The House of Sandeman, Quinte de la Rosa, Krohns, Ramos Pinto, covering Tawny, Ruby, Vintages 2005, 2003, 2000, Colheita, LBV styles. Plus, in […]

Housekeeping and New Toys!

Today, I write to you from a position of a person with a head cold and a pile of port wine in front of me. Currently, we’re working to put together a large tasting of 2005 ports and assorted odds and ends. Our objective is to release a PDF at the end of the month for you all to peruse and explore at your leisure. This will hopefully become a new feature here at Catavino as we devote each month to a theme and summerizing it with a “buying guide” based on our recommendations. So today, we want to offer you a few tidbits of information, a new feature, and a question. First, a new feature! Catavino has a newsletter! […]