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2005 Meritxell Palleja Nita

They say that August and September are our rainy seasons in Catalunya, but after the past four days of continual rain, I’m guessing that October will give the weather forecasters a run for their money. The mornings have brought waves upon waves of thick heavy clouds rolling over the mountains, […]

Iberian Harvest Report

Last week, we sent out an email to both Portuguese and Spanish wineries asking for a brief quote in English about their region. Interestingly, we’ve received several quotes from Quintas around Portugal, but very few from Bodegas in Spain. However, considering the harvest has commenced as early as August in […]

Salmos – Our Excitement and Our Disappointment

Marketing is not an easy task. Those who succeed develop an idea so profoundly ingenious and/or addictive that you find yourself sucked into it without even knowing it hit you. If we take a moment to make a quick inventory as to what physically surrounds your computer alone, or what […]

Bodega Profile – Bodega Clos Figueras – DOC Priorat

If you rake your brain a bit, you may remember an article we posted last week describing our trip to DO Montsant with Tim from Winecast and Miquel, the export director for Bodegas Laurona. Our story, unbeknownst to you, ended right before lunch when we changed our focus to Bodegas […]

Chapter 2: Cataluña

When I first took on this project, I thought it was my duty as a writer to give you all that juicy information that lies within each chapter, but what’s the point of my writing you exactly what’s in the book if you can just read it and get the […]

TN – Laurona and Clos Figuera’s Wines

Some of my loyal readers will no doubt remember my interview last year with the well known Christopher Cannan of Europvin. I mention this because at Alimentaria, I was able to talk with him again and taste through some of his wines – more specifically, the Spanish wines from his […]

Bodega Profile – Bodegas Ficaria Vins – DO Montsant

Last weekend, Ryan and I climbed groggily onto a bus at midnight and spent the next seven hours steadily making our way from Madrid to Barcelona. The scenery consisted of primarily industrial signs and random dots of white lights in the distance signaling yet another little village spotting the Spanish […]

Spanish and Portuguese Schist!

What is Schist? To answer that question, I found a great article about Schist, written by Bill Nesto, MW. Everything you could possibly want to know about this soil type can be explained in the previous article. However, I want to talk about Schist from the perspective of taste. A […]

TN – Scala Dei – DOC Priorat

Anytime I see a wine from the Priorato for under 20 euros, I tend to give it a try. Heck who am I kidding, I usually swipe it off the shelf and head home as quick as possible. The Priorato has a pricing problem, though not without good reason. Located in […]