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The Slow and Painful Death of a Wine Romantic: Pedro Ximenez (aka Raisin Juice)

I have issues with Pedro Ximenez. Since my first taste of the raisin-smelling, thick, brown, sugary slop, I struggle with the stuff. The only truly stand-out PX I had last year was the Hidalgo Napoleon Old PX (which is a bit like saying my favourite whisky last year was Lagavulin 16 year-old – yes, it’s good, but like decent brands it’s good every year…). I even quite enjoyed Gonzalez Byass’ Noe. But it took me a year to drink it. The problem is that, no matter how hard I try, I struggle to shake off my first impression of PX: several years ago someone handed me a glass with an impressive nod and all I could smell was raisins. This […]

Fiestas de la Vendimia: Tasting Sherry During the Harvest Festival in Jerez

The Jerez “Fiestas de la Vendimia” or harvest festival, which first happened in 1948, is in full swing at the moment. This is one harvest festival which is worth a visit, especially if you are keen on Sherry. This year the festival started on the 5th of September and ends on the 20th, so three weeks packed full of activities. As Spain is a Catholic country, seeking a bit of divine intervention goes without saying. You know, to make sure the grapes come in OK, fermentation does not get stuck and everyone has fun at the festival. So, accordingly, last Sunday, following long-standing tradition, an old-school press was set up in the Cathedral square and group of traditionally dressed men […]

Top 5 Romantic Spanish and Portuguese Wines

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us; a day for which some ignore, some rebel against, and some embrace for fear of reprisal. However, there are those that actually like this intensely guilt ridden and consumer frenzied day, regardless of its flaws, as they see it as an opportunity to be ever so sweet and loving to one’s honey. Fine dinner, fresh bouquets of flowers, and of course, fine wines grace their table. For those of you who fall into the latter category, adoring the everything embodying the 14th of February, what are the truly “romantic”, and dare we say, sexy wines of Iberia? What wines are guaranteed heart stoppers when wooing that special someone? (Flickr photo by kalandrakas) We […]