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The Perfect Trifecta: Arroz Caldo, Spanish Rose and White Sandy Beaches

It is close to impossible to visit Barcelona and not take the short jaunt south to Sitges, where you can bask in the stunning blue waters and grand villas of this small but bustling Catalan town. Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, festive gay ambiance, Film Festival and Carnival –  it’s a place of stunning beauty and incredible food. I have been to Sitges only a handful of times, the last of which I spent eating a mouthwatering pot of mussels while longingly staring at the sea wishing that my ridiculously heavy, plaster cast was water resistant. Having recently broken my hand in a moronic sailing accident, where I tripped over a mooring line while “gracefully” leaping onto the cement dock, […]

Where is the Future of Wine Tourism Heading? A Summary of The Wine Pleasures Conference

Waking up Saturday morning in Sitges for the Wine Pleasures Conference, I shuffled into the hotel bathroom to take a shower. Feeling rather groggy from staying up half the night listening to the wind howling against the windows, water spraying up against our second story windows, I assumed that hot water would clear the senses and prepare me for a jam packed conference weekend. However, just as conditioner was gently rinsed from my hair, I was left in the dark. Pitch blackness settled like a thick blanket around me in the windowless bathroom. What happened? The Wine Pleasures Conference kicked off in the midst of a massive wind storm that swept through Italy, France and Spain, leaving the hotel with […]

Catavino is Live Blogging at the Wine Pleasures Conference in Sitges, Spain

Ryan and I are currently hearing the waves crash upon the sandy shores of Sitges, a small town just south of Barcelona along the sea. We are here to both speak at and live blog the annual Wine Pleasures Conference. With over 150 attendees and 40 sessions consisting of talks, workshops and panel discussions, we trust this will be a wonderful event for brainstorming how tourism can better serve eager and passionate wine lovers. Tomorrow, if you are interested in joining us, I will be live blogging several events, while Ryan will be fielding questions on social media, and snapping a few thousand photos on the sly. If you are interested in having me attend specific event (check out the […]