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2005 Hache, Bodegas Olvena

Somontano, meaning ‘under the mountain’ is located among the foothills of the Pyrenees and the Ebro River Valley in the Northern region of Aragon. As a result of its unique proximity along the French border, the majority of the wines elaborated in the region acquired very particular characteristics which have […]

Bodegas y Viñedos Olvena

As many of you have heard over the past year, Somontano is becoming a hot spot region for intriguing wines. The home of thirteen native and foreign grape varietals, this region has become famous for its ability to successfully blend both old and new grape varietals to make unique quality […]

2005 Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer Somontano

2005 Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer Somontano – Spain, Aragón, Somontano (5/16/2006) Steely gold in color. The wine shows lychee, roses,mushroom, and lime on the nose. Medium overall acidty with a rich mouthfeel. Lychee shows on the palate strong, with bitter lime, and grapefruit pulp. Overall this wine is dry, yet […]

Tempranillo: A Noble Wine Grape

Editor’s Note: Here is the next article in a series from my lovely wife Gabriella. This one focuses on her experiences learning about the wines that come from the grape Tempranillo. Currently she is gone for a month leading a bike tour, but when she returns expect more articles as […]