Tasting Note | Catavino - Part 3
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Tasting Note – Quinta da Fata Reserva 2004

A few nights ago, Ryan and I opened two Dao wines from two distinctly different producers, the Borges Reserva 2003 and the Quinta da Fata Reserva 2004. Although the Quinta da Fata had a cute little gold star on it boasting of it being the “Best Wine of the Dao” […]

WBW #38 – Portuguese Table Wines Wrap-Up!!!

Whew! You’d think we ran a marathon with the amount of sweat and tears we’ve put into Wine Blog Wednesday #38: Portuguese Table Wine, but the effort was completely worth it. WBW was a complete success directly as a result of your participation with us at Catavino! So thank you. […]

Bodega Profile – Bodegas Ignacio Marín – DO Cariñena

DO Cariñena, located just west of Catalunya in northeastern Spain, is not only one of the largest and oldest regions in Aragon, but also the first to have been demarcated in 1932. And if the name sounds familiar, it should, because it is the namesake of the grape varietal Cariñena, […]

Grape Profile – Baga – The Saliva Sucker

I recently stumbled across an issue I haven’t had to deal with before: what do say to the winery rep when you don’t really like the wine? Last month, during our tasting at Sala Olgival, I came across this exact situation while tasting the 2001 Bairrada Imperio Reserva from Caves […]

Salmos – Our Excitement and Our Disappointment

Marketing is not an easy task. Those who succeed develop an idea so profoundly ingenious and/or addictive that you find yourself sucked into it without even knowing it hit you. If we take a moment to make a quick inventory as to what physically surrounds your computer alone, or what […]

2 Fantastic White Mono-varietal Portuguese Wines

Do you ever have those nights when you just want something simple? When anything other than opening a package of meat and putting it directly on the grill sounds too complicated and annoying. A few nights ago, we had this exact experience, debating whether ordering Chinese food wasn’t a bad […]

Goanvi:A look at a Portuguese Bottling Plant

When was the last time you looked at a bottle of Portuguese wine and thought to yourself, “So, how did they put this fine looking grape juice in the bottle?” We never really considered the question, until we had the opportunity to take a tour of a bottle facility just […]

3 Portuguese Wines and an Orange Metal Bucket

It was chilly last night, really chilly. As the sun set upon Terrassa, and the yellow hues faded to a reddish glow that cascaded upon our livingroom floor as if someone spilled a bucket of crimson paint, Ryan and I looked at each other internally agreeing with a roll of […]