Tempranillo/ Ull De Llebre | Catavino - Part 3
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2001 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Monje Amestoy Reserva

2001 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Monje Amestoy Reserva – Spain, La Rioja, Rioja (5/16/2006) Almost blackish purple in color. The nose is earthy with cured cherry notes, fresh wood, mint, dill, and deep black fruits. Thick tannins, with a medium acidity. Depth is there, and but it needs some time and […]

2002 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Monje Amestoy Reserva

2002 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Monje Amestoy Reserva – Spain, La Rioja, Rioja (5/16/2006) Only one year in bottle. Dark in color with a closed nose, that slowly reveals smoke, minerals, earth, and perserved fruits. Well layered and I wish I could have some time to see this wine develop. Fine […]

2001 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Cepas Viejas

2001 Bodegas Luberri Rioja Cepas Viejas – Spain, La Rioja, Rioja (5/16/2006) Dark in color almost like an ink well. Deep aromas of cherry, raspberry and light mineral spice. Strong tannins with good acidty. Rich and packed tight with fruit. Overall a nice wine though the finish is short and […]


As the year winds down, and we look over our shoulders at the year behind us, we realized how much information Catavino has provided. Therefore, in the coming days, we’ll be linking you back to some of the early articles that Gabriella and I feel merit revisiting. For those of […]

Spittoon – Rioja In Retail Tasting

Just a quick find I wanted to make sure you all have a chance to check out. Andy over at [spittoon.biz->http://www.spittoon.biz] was able to make it to the recent Rioja in Retail wine tasting held in London. I point this out because he has posted some great tasting notes that […]

Tempranillo: A Noble Wine Grape

Editor’s Note: Here is the next article in a series from my lovely wife Gabriella. This one focuses on her experiences learning about the wines that come from the grape Tempranillo. Currently she is gone for a month leading a bike tour, but when she returns expect more articles as […]

Wine Tastings – Tempranillo

Yesterday I was hired to do a tasting for a bunch of Americans. In reality, they were a bunch of Spaniards and one American. Fortunately, because they all worked for an American company, I could thankfully use a bit of English for those more complex topics. The most intriguing part […]


Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to find myself in Toro – a small town located in the Castile y León region of Spain – which is one of the most exciting up and coming wine regions. Known for their Tempranillos, or Tinto de Toro as they call it, […]

TN-2001 Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza

2001 Dinastia Vivanco Rioja Crianza – Spain, La Rioja, La Rioja Alavesa, Rioja (4/19/2005) Deep rich purple with a darkness that seems to swallow the light. Nose with some green pepper and deep spice anise, pepper with a whiff of vanilla oak. As it opens in the glass a milk […]