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Wine Blog Wednesday #70 Wrap-Up: Reaching Out of Your Comfort Zone with Spanish Wines

Por fin! With a considerable amount of hours logged, searching for those few eluding posts, we have finally completed the wrap-up post for Wine Blog Wednesday #70 – a truly successful event! We gave you the daunting task of stepping out of your comfort zone to find a Spanish grape, wine style or region that you weren’t familiar with. Instead of reaching for that traditional Friday night bottle of Rias Biaxes, we prodded you to give DO Terra Alta a whirl. If you’re a Garnacha fanatic, we urged you to pick up a wine made from Mazuelo instead. Or if you have absolutely detested Sherry in the past, having tried it only once in your life with poor results, we […]

Barcelona: Which Wineries You Can Visit By Train

Quite often, we receive requests from people visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon or Oporto, as to which wineries they can visit by train, taxi or foot. Our responses have commonly been, “Good question! And to be quite honest, I don’t know!” Well, maybe Oporto is the exception, as you have a plethora you can get to, but the rest are rather iffy at best. As mentioned in several articles on Catavino, enotourism in Iberia is rather primitive at best. Very few wineries even allow visits, less have someone speaking anything other than their regional language, and just a handful will actually go out of their way to make your transportation to their winery convenient and easy. That said, we decided to […]

Wineries Around the World, Listen Up! Catavino’s Free PDF Will Help You Understand Social Media Better

How many articles have we written on the importance of wineries creating a strong Internet presence? Half a dozen, a dozen? Global Economic Crisis and Spanish Wine, Portugal Pay Attention Wake Up, Stupid Winery Marketing in Action QR Code and Wine Gary, Note to Self, Do Some Research! Portugal, Note to Self, Pay Attention to Gary! Alimentaria, the Good and the Bad! We have begged, pleaded, and gotten on both knees trying to convince the Iberian wine community to take notice, but it seemed as if our voices were merely bouncing off of brick walls, only reaching the chosen few who really were open to change. So we tried another route, creating an Internet marketing company to provide wineries the […]

Wine of the Week: Sat la Botera Vins Mudefer 2004

Terra Alta, meaning high ground, is a Spanish wine region situated in the south-western tip of Catalonia, where low mountains and valleys extend south to the border with the Teruel province. This is a geographically diverse region, but with two very prominent features: the eastern end of the province, which is layered with craggy mountainous terrain highlighted with peaks of the Espina, Pàndols and Cavalls mountain ranges rising between 600 and 1200 meters. The western side shows its rich rolling valleys filled with olive, almond and hazelnut orchards intermixed among expansive vineyards. Additionally worth noting is that the western end of Terra Alta is the precursor to the Ebre Depression. I trust you have no idea what the Ebre Depression is? […]

2005 Meritxell Palleja Nita

They say that August and September are our rainy seasons in Catalunya, but after the past four days of continual rain, I’m guessing that October will give the weather forecasters a run for their money. The mornings have brought waves upon waves of thick heavy clouds rolling over the mountains, a tidal wave of humidity. It’s breathtaking in the morning, and a bit humbling, recognizing how majestic and uncontrollable nature is. By the afternoon, the clouds have built upon themselves forming a thick suffocating white blanket over your head, and by 3pm, truck loads of water begin to fall, creating a melancholy feeling in our house. I love rain. I love the cozy, comfortable feeling it brings, but when deciding […]

Chapter 2: Cataluña

When I first took on this project, I thought it was my duty as a writer to give you all that juicy information that lies within each chapter, but what’s the point of my writing you exactly what’s in the book if you can just read it and get the same information yourself. Right?! Why not give you those great Cliff notes we so relied on throughout High School, hoping that we got just enough information to pass the test, but not so much that our reading time would cut into our invaluable telephone time. Unfortunately, as I move from one position, great teacher of all things English for 5-year olds to full-time Catavino co-owner/writer/editor/taster/continual student/fly by night vidblogger, I’ve […]

2004 Altavins Terra Alta Ilercavonia

2004 Altavins Terra Alta Ilercavonia – Spain, Catalunya, Tarragona, Terra Alta (6/30/2006)Brass color with a slight twinkle to it. The nose has a strong cantaloupe aroma to it with hints of mushroom, dark raspberries and fresh cut grass. Incredibly sensuous and silky in the mouth with medium acidity and a slight acrid finish that put me off a bit in the beginning. However, once the wine opened up a bit, the bitterness settled allowing a buttery flavor to come forth. Flavors of dark blood red orange, mushroom and melon on the palate. Has a nice gentle lingering finish. Interestingly, I preferred this wine with food than without. At this point, I feel it is more a food wine than a […]