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Catavino Housekeeping Post! We love Fall Weather.

The air is getting crisp, dinner time grilling is getting darker and the days are so much shorter – strange that inversely our lives have become busier. For us, autumn is the best time of year. It’s the season of crisp, cool air and warm, home cooked meals. Back in the US, this would have meant raking leaves, apple orchard visits and bonfires with friends. But now that we live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, we’ve substituted raking and large bonfires for hikes in the mountains and moon watching on our roof, all bundled and warm. The switch has also been experienced in what we reach for to fill our glasses and our stomachs. Rather than a […]

Wine Blogging question – Do you have to charge to be considered “professional”?

What would happen if tomorrow, all of Robert Parkers reviews were given out for free? Or Stephan Tanzer, Jancis Robinson, or any other “wine professional” for that matter? Would they mean less? Robert Parker was a wine amateur who happens to have a long history of writing about wine, so when did he become a “professional”? Does it make someone more of a professional if their reviews are only accessible through payment? Does the exchanging of money make a person’s opinion (what any review by anyone really is) worth more? I ask this because we were recently contacted by someone who wanted contact information for the Penin Guide. When I wrote back saying I had no personal information, I received […]

Wines From Spain – News from the past TODAY!

This is a thumbnail that you may click on to see at full size the stunningly BORING and non newsworthy newsletter that I receive about once a month from the Spanish government put in charge of “promoting” Spanish wine. If you go over to Wines from Spain and request it you too can receive it. Sometimes worthy of my interest the latest newsletter, STUNNED me, however, with its lack of news. Allow me digress briefly, to offer some personal background on our relationship with Wines From Spain. Awhile ago, I asked to have Catavino included on their links page, but was rejected when they told me that “blogs were not important enough to be included”. Needless to say, they seem […]

Old Wine Media – Poo Pooing New Wine Tools?

Decanter published this story last month about the relatively new wine website Snooth. “A new online wine service hopes to become the world’s busiest cyber wine recommendations site by cashing in on the Facebook phenomenon”, is how the article began. Great start, and personally, I was excited to see them mentioned on Decanter. “Way to go Snooth!” I thought to myself, until I read this line, “Although tasting notes on these applications include, ‘this was beautiful, as usual’ for a bottle 1998 Lafite Rotschild, or just a blank entry with 5/5 for a bottle of 2000 Chateau Smith Haut Lafite, the hosts of these new sites are in little doubt of the value of being on Facebook.” Fair enough, but […]

August Wrap-up of Portuguese Wines

The time has finally come to say “adeiu” to August, to long bright summer days, and to our month long dedication to Portuguese wines. As we look back over the month with excitement as to what we learned, I think it’s important to ask ourselves, “Was it worth dedicating an entire month to one subject?” “YES! Yes it absolutely was!” However, just saying a heartfelt “yes” may not be the convincing factor for you, so allow me to delve into our reasoning. The primary motivation was out of need. As much as we’ve wanted to cover Portugal more thoroughly, we just haven’t had made the time to actually devote ourselves to the subject. While we plotted away at Spain, becoming […]

Catavino gets 60,000 Unique Visitors a Month – Oh, and We have a Bridge for Sale!

I don’t understand something. Why are stats so sacred, especially to wine blogs? About a month ago, Richard asked the following in our forum: How much traffic does your blog get? Do you keep stats on the traffic? Are your stats divided between unique hits and simple views? The basic question is, how many people are we actually reaching? Initially, no one posted. I assumed it was because we just don’t get a lot of visitors on our forum (a sad but true statement), so I posted it to Twitter. Still no response, though Gary from Wine Library did sent a private message with his hit totals. He said that he gets around 33k per episode of Wine Library TV […]

Vinus TV – Spanish Wine entering the Web 2.0

A few days ago, we found a Spanish wine video site called, Vinus, a new start up covering Spanish wine, history and culture in a very hip and trendy way. Founded in the beginning of August, it has already published 3 videos, all of which feature a rapidly speaking female host covering a variety of 5 minute topics. The best way to describe the format is CNN meets Entertainment Tonight, adding some additional social media on the side like Twitter and Flickr. Although we are very excited to see this new format, we do have a few critiques: Autoplay makes the site unfriendly for work environments and just frustrates us. When I visit a site, I want to look at […]

Gary takes on two Sherry’s in his Sherry Episode!

Maybe he’s just distracted by the big(?) announcement tomorrow, but the folks here at Catavino are a bit perplexed? He starts the episode telling us he will be reviewing 4 sherries but two of them are not. Watch the Sherry episode and tell us what is wrong with this picture. Two of the wines are not like the others, and two of the wines are tangentially related to the theme of today’s episode. Did the wine world change a little in the wrong way today? Maybe I’m being to big of a wine geek, but I believe if your going to educate people about wine, you should get your shit right. Especially with a misunderstood style like Sherry. Gary, Alvear […]

Wine Bloggers Unite? or at least Discuss!

Wine blogging has become, for many of us, a central part of our lives. Each week, we try to post interesting information that goes beyond a simple tasting note, delving into a unique idea, history or current news tidbit. Being by default, a little inbred at its core, we find ourselves sharing ideas, reposting information, and commenting about what everyone else has already commented on someplace else. We cannibalize the Decanter news feed, and at times, each other too. Over the past 3 years, we’ve grown considerably from when we had only a few lone voices to today, where we have people commenting from around the globe. We even have our own wine event(and website), thanks to Lenn of LENNDEVOURS. […]

Can Iberian White Wines Age?

A few days ago, we shared a fabulous wine and gourmet food shop for you to visit in Lisbon; however, what I failed to include in our article were the wines we tasted during our visit. Drat! I could fluff it up and tell you that the exclusion was intentional, but that would place me in a really pathetic position because it would also be a bold face lie. The fact is, is that I honestly forgot to talk about the wines, simply because I was so excited to share a fantastic foodie spot with you. Accepting my horrific failure as a wine writer, allow me the opportunity to correct my error. Can any white wine age? I present this […]