Thoughts | Catavino - Part 3
There are a lot of wine websites on the interwebs. There is no better regional wine website when it comes to depth and breadth of content and expertise.
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New Portuguese Wine in the USA

It has been our trend at Catavino to share with you a new fabulous wine that we’ve stumbled across only to find that it is either sparsely distributed as a result of low production or is not being exported at all. Consequently, we get pretty bummed out about this. Whenever […]

We had five grapes before there were grapes! What’s the Point?

There is a storm a brewing. A storm that I tackled a long time ago right here on this blog back when Catavino still had a green backdrop and grape leaves overhead. The storm revolves around how wine bloggers can create a standardized wine rating system of their own, separate […]

Notas Basalmicos? It’s not what you think…

The Spanish have very few adjectives when it comes to taste and smell. Really, it’s true! Going to tastings, I always find the descriptions to be somewhat narrow and simple compared to some of the more outlandish ones I hear when tasting wine back home. That’s not to say that […]

Community Tasting Notes and The Wineries Who Need them?

Approximately a month ago, Gabriella contacted all the major community tasting note sites to see whether anything had changed since Adler’s scathing review of their “worth” approximately a year ago. Had they grown to encompass more users? Had the overall notes increased in their quality? Had the problem of creating […]

May’s Virtual Wine Tasting: Albariño

First, allow me to extend an enormous thanks to everyone who participated in our first Virtual Wine Tasting. To our great surprise, we had an incredible start to our new series with people such as Dr. Debs, John, Andrew, Vinvenio, Sonadora and Bill Bennet contributing not only some fun impressions […]

Ribera del Duero to become DOCa – WHOooPEEE

Spain’s Ribera del Duero region is set to receive upgraded status to a Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOCa) in 2008.   Upon being awarded DOCa certification, the northern region will join the ranks of Rioja and Priorat – the only other two regions to currently hold this status. Ok, so […]

They Say It’s My Birthday!

I’m 32 today and not afraid to say it! We’re 2 years y pico, or pinch over two years, into our Spanish experience and things are inching their way to perfection. The job is starting to become a bit more secure, our lives are becoming more stable and the most […]