Thoughts | Catavino - Part 4
I really love Catavino – it’s such an informative and innovative source of information on Spanish & Portuguese wines. The food of the region is key, but it’s just as vital to know about the great wines available too. This is the place to find out!
Jose Pizzaro

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New Forum!

As you know, we recently set up a forum for ourselves to allow for conversations about Spanish and Portuguese wine. Great fun idea if you are solely interested in Iberian wine, but it is nothing as extraordinary as the forum that has recently been designed for What makes the […]

WBW 31 – Non-Traditional Packaging

We wanted to participate this month’s WBW, because we love the event, but sometimes, it is not possible. This month’s theme of untraditional packaging was one that we REALLY wanted in on, hoping to travel to a nearby vineyard where you can buy wine straight from the barrel and pour […]

Top Ten Winery Website Mistakes/Annoyances

Today, I was surfing the web looking for wine blogs run by wineries. My intent was to notify wineries of the Wine Blog Atlas’ inclusion of wineries. Being that Winecast has a nice list of wineries in Tim’s sidebar, I utilized his research to see whether any of them either […]

More thoughts on points and the loss of Great bottles

In this week’s news Robert Parker and Jay Miller appear to be the hot topic for Iberia – sorry Mark, but Spanish wine reviews seem to overshadowing Portuguese wine reviews. On Mark Squire’s bulletin board, people don’t know what to think of the high scores Spanish wine received in the […]

Springtime at Catavino

As the temperature soars in the 70’s here in Catalunya, we thought it was time to do some “spring cleaning”. Sure it’s March, but as with all international weather abnormalities as of recent, it is of no surprise that we thought a new look accompanied by a faster server was […]

When Spanish Wine Growers Turn Geek

I still remember when Ryan and I first decided on moving to Spain. We each held a romantic picture in our heads of what Spain was like from what little we saw in coffee table books, movies and paintings. Woman dancing flamenco in the streets, while men squatted in a […]

How to be a Wine Expert

Recently, as I was flipping through the February issue of Food and Wine Magazine when I came across the title of an article that sent my heavy sense of sarcasm flying, become a wine expert in 28 days. “Yeah”, I thought to myself, “if they hold the secret to make […]

Wine around town and Whining about wine…

So I just finished up a whirlwind tour of just about every wine shop in the Twin Cities, Minnesota that I could find an exit for; which translates to the fact that I still need to familiarize myself with driving in Minnesota again because I constantly seem to miss the […]