Thoughts | Catavino - Part 7
There are a lot of wine websites on the interwebs. There is no better regional wine website when it comes to depth and breadth of content and expertise.
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Ah the joys of running a website

Here’s a quick non wine related post. One of the joys of running a website(s) is looking at the search results. Because most of us “webmasters’ check our stats incessantly, our “compulsive’ behavior is sometimes rewarded with little tidbits of humor and insight into the human mind. As a “webmaster’, […]

Catalan Mushrooms

Now comes the second culinary article in a very short period of time. It seems that after my last post on the dinner I made for Gabriella, my hunger wasn’t satisfied! So I got up early this morning and walked down to our local market. Not the SUPERmarket mind you, […]

Back in a Flash

As you all are aware, our posts as of late have been dodgy at best. Between my parents being in town(and traveling about Catalunya, note the photo), our house needing a lot of work and the weather being incredible, we have had little time to actually put our fingers to […]

How to Buy Wines Whose Labels Confuse You!

I fully admit that Iberian wines are not always the most friendly wine labels to decipher; which explains our logic in writing an entire series on how to not only interpret Spanish wine label but also the Portuguese wine label, and finally Port wine labels! But when you’re roaming your […]

Certified Tree Bark Expert – With loose ties to Wine

While reading an article on Decanter, I learned that I could become a “certified” cork expert if I visited This announcement begged the question “Is this for real?” But sure enough, I went to their URL and learned that if I pass an incredibly long and biased list of […]

Gabriella’s in the House!(er, well, apartment)

Yesterday afternoon, Gabriella finally arrived home to Spain after a month and a half in the USA. It’s obviously great to have her here in our new home, not only because I missed her, but also because we can finally have some great meals together! However, because we were both […]

Spanish Wine News and Other Personal Notes

I moonlight. On Wednesday, I was offered a wonderful experience teaching an Introductory Spanish Wine Class to a group of tourists from Maui, Hawaii! For two hours, we weaved our way through the Spanish wine regions of Catalunya, Rias Biaxas, Bierzo, Montsant, Priorat and La Rioja. And fortunately for me, […]

Fresh Spanish Grapes – Before the Crush!

Just a quick note to mention one of my favorite times of the year has arrived! The grapes are starting to ripen, and while I’m sure some vineyards already have their harvest underway if not finished, Catalunya has just begun to start theirs. Consequently, one of my favorite treats during […]

Bouncing around the Midwest in search of Iberian Wine

Greetings from the balmy state of Chicago where the cicadas are chirping louder than the bustling traffic of Madrid. Some of you may be aware of this already, but I have been wrapping up some paperwork in the States, while taking some extra time to visit friends, family and of […]

Sipping Cava in Terrassa, Spain

As you all know by now, we have a new home in Terrassa, Catalunya, a small city right near Barcelona and full of Catalan culture. I’ve been walking around a lot since I arrived here to get my bearings and to figure out where the mass amount of windy small […]