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Pairing Wines with Portugal’s Faithful Friend: Bacalhau

Editor’s note: In 2009, Catavino contributor Andrea Smith dove into the origins, popularity and over-fishing of cod fish or “Bacalhau” in my native Portuguese. Today, I pick up where Andrea left off with a greater focus on how to prepare the dry, salted version of this flavorful fish, featuring four dishes and a few wines to pair it with. Often referred to as “Rei dos Mares” (King of the Seas), dry, salted cod is quite popular in Mediterranean countries, like Italy and Spain, and especially in Portugal where they boast 1,000 cod fish recipes. Bacalhau or “Fiel Amigo” as the Portuguese nicknamed it meaning faithful friend, picked up in Portugal during the Age of Discovery when navigators took the unrefrigerated […]

4th Annual NY Wine Expo: Taking a Trip through Portugal’s Wine Regions

Letting loose wine lovers in a tasting of the size of the New York Wine Expo is like putting a child in the middle of a candy store. It can get ugly. With exactly 760 wines from nearly 200 wineries from around the world, the three-day 4th Annual New York Wine Expo at the Javits Center was packed with folks hungry (thirsty really) for new wine discoveries. My modus operandi for the day was to get through as many Portuguese wines on the floor as possible. There were about 40 tables in the Wines of Portugal section alone, so I had to pace myself. I also decided to skip over some of the wines I’m quite familiar with—and in many […]

Wines of Portugal International Conference: A Country’s Struggle to Amplify Their Message Internationally

Recently, we experienced Portugal’s first attempt at an international wine conference with “The Wines of Portugal International Conference” in Oporto. Presented by ViniPortugal – the Portuguese wine trade association devoted to promoting Portuguese wines – this three day conference was held in the austere and historical Alfandega do Porto, a former customs building constructed in 1859, by the French architect Jean F. G. Colson. Approximately 450 participants gathered in Oporto, 200 of which traveled from numerous countries including: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, China and Japan. Along with hearing from internationally renowned wine industry leaders, the program allowed for several wine tastings both at the principle Wine Fair and at several guided tastings outside of […]

Wines of Portugal Conference: December 9-11th, 2010

Starting this December, Viniportugal is launching the Wines of Portugal Conference, which according to their website, is supposed to be the largest international event discussing Portuguese wines. I’m guessing they are correct, as I don’t think there are any other events solely about Portuguese wines outside of Portugal. We at Catavino, have been asked to talk about the “Internet Revolution” and opportunities the web offers wineries today. The conference will feature tastings, seminars and workshops, and we’ll be there covering it every step of the way. The theme for this year’s conference is “Touriga Nacional“. It is their hope that it will promote Touriga as the national grape of Portugal, an idea spurred by Austria’s successful adoption of Gruner Vetliner […]

The Big Tasting: LIVE Portuguese Wine Tasting with Oz Clarke TONIGHT

As you all know, Catavino is rather smitten with Portuguese wines. We tend gush endlessly about their diversity, quality and personality, with the occasional quip on how difficult it is to get your hands on them internationally. That said, over the past few years, we have been collaborating on several projects with Viniportugal in an effort to increase the international exposure of Portuguese wine. And there is no better opportunity to help spread the good word than an online tasting with one of the world’s leading wine experts, Oz Clarke. Tonight at 7pm GMT, Oz with the help of  our friend Charles Metcalfe, will be tasting 6 Portuguese wines LIVE online from the Lord Cricket’s Ground; the tasting will also […]

Part 2: Classical Music and Iberian Wine Pairings for Chamber Music

Editor’s note: This article is part of an ongoing series covering classical music and Iberian wine pairings by Burt Frink. To understand its origins, and why Burt felt a series was required on the subject, please read his first piece. I love the silence I share with myself and a glass of wine. Often, but certainly not always, I bring music into the experience. Invariably it is classical music. Why? It fits. One of the most suitable choices is the genre of Chamber Music. These are small ensembles of musicians playing with each other. Think about that for a moment. If you are a working musician (God forbid! Such a life.) you spend nearly all of your time suiting your […]

Part 3: The Ultimate User’s Guide To Portuguese Cheese

In my two previous posts, we’ve explored Portugal’s most renown and cherished artisanal cheeses, learning the basic flavor profiles, as well as common Portuguese terms when buying and selecting cheese. (Read Part 1 and Part 2) Now it’s finally time to enjoy our delicious Portuguese cheese with some equally delicious Portuguese wine. For many of us, it’s impossible to pick only one ideal Portuguese cheese and wine pairing, as there are several wonderful and interesting combinations to experience. Consequently, I’ve not only listed a few of my favorite pairings at the end of the article, but have garnered the feedback of several Portuguese natives and wine / food enthusiasts alike. So make sure to read on! But first, allow me […]

Countdown to Catavino’s 10 Day USA Tour – WBC Meets EWBC

In exactly 10 days, we will be heading to New York City, followed by San Francisco and back to NYC for a 10 day immersion into the American wine blog culture. What does this mean? Having lived and breathed Europe for the past 5 years, we’ve only met less than a dozen American wine bloggers, despite the fact that we are not only American bloggers, but that much of our readership is from the USA. Yet, our conversations and meetings have remained in the virtual world, far from a handshake, the sound of someone’s laughter or the experience of sharing physical space. Consequently, we’ve decided to change this, heading west as a result of the generous sponsorship of the EWBC […]

Restaurant Conventual: A Sample of Lisbon’s First Restaurant Week

May 21st thru May31st marked the very first Restaurant Week in Lisbon, with some of the city’s most popular fine-dining restaurants offering 3-course lunches and dinners both at a special price of €20. Restaurant Week was organized by TRYP Portugal and sponsored by Sabor do Ano. Being a huge fan of Restaurant Week back in the States, it was without a doubt, I planned to attend. However, as half of the participating restaurants were already sold out by the time my fellow Lisbon Twitterer and Twinelis fan @jnogueira and I learned about Restaurant Week, there was a bit of a challenge to get a reservation at the last minute. But we were finally able to book an early lunch with […]

Castilla y León: A Rather Unsuspecting White Wine Region

As mentioned a little while back, when I first learned about Castilla y León as a quality wine region, I associated it with red wines and only red wines. Because of Toro and Ribera del Duero‘s massive influence on the market, Rueda seemed more of an exception to the rule, rather than an indicator of what could potentially come out of the area as a steller white wine region. Our trip covered 6 of the 12 wine regions within Castilla y León (D.O. Cigales, D.O. Arribes del Duero, D.O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora, V.C.P.R.D. Valles de Benavente, D.O. Bierzo, D.O. Tierra de Leon), all of which leaned to the smaller and more obscure side and each focused on one […]