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Portugal Through the Eye of a Camera: Interview with Videographer Matty Brown

Editor’s Note: Today, we are featuring a young passionate videographer located in the USA, Matty Brown. Matty has created several works on Iberia, but has passionately spoken of his deep love with Portugal. With our impending move westward, we wanted to get Matty’s feedback on what calls him back year after year. Can you give us a little intro as to who you are? My name is Matty Brown, and I am a visual storyteller and a freelance filmmaker. I create moving portraits of life around me: the mundane and the exhilarating alike. I have been making videos since I was five, after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco inspired me to be a filmmaker and to think differently and creatively about […]

The Cuisine of Hungary: Yet Another Culinary Paradise Just off the Iberian Peninsula

From recent posts, you would imagine that Ryan and I don’t actually live in Barcelona. Our pictures display shameless images of us savoring delicious cured meats in Zagreb, gorgeous red wines in Dijon, heaps of olive oil drizzled pasta paired with sparkling Franciacorta wine in Brescia, unctuous and rich foie gras of Hungary, and most recently, the gorgeous fresh produce from Valencia. In large part, this is a direct result of our consulting business, affording us the “excuse” of visiting a vast array of new European cities under the guise of giving talks on the intersection of social media and wine. And yes, Ryan being our intrepid public speaker does a fabulous job of this, but I, as the writer, […]

Big Day Out in Barcelona: What to do in a very magical town!

Editor’s Note: Today we feature experienced travel writer, Duncan Rhodes, who is the Editor of who has kindly offered to shared some ideas on how to spend a day (and night) in the company of The Great Enchantress. Chances are, if you’re a regular reader of this blog and you’re on your way to Catalonia, there’s only one thing on your mind. You’re on a pilgrimage to the fertile plains of the Penedès and the Holy Grail looks suspiciously like a large wine glass full to the brim with the seductive effervescence of the region’s famous sparkling wine. But even if you’re a single-minded devotee of Dionysus it’s well worth taking a break from the vineyards and cellars which […]

Newark is Home Away From Home to Portuguese Immigrants

New Jersey’s diversity can be found throughout the state in close-knit ethnic communities. Visitors can eat, shop, and partake of their customs. Ferry Street (or Portugal Avenue) in the Ironbound section of Newark is the heart of Portuguese activity in the state. Terracotta-roofed restaurants and cobblestone sidewalks mob this main thoroughfare that embodies the relaxed and romantic appeal of the Mediterranean countries in Europe. For out-of-towners, the Ironbound is the spot to get big portion meals at a bargain price. Iberia and Casa Seabra (formerly Mediterranean Manor) are two of the most visitor-frequented restaurants in town for such deals. But the winning combo is home-style cooking and Portuguese hospitality at the neighborhood favorite Sol Mar Restaurant (Ferry and Niagara streets). […]

A Trip to San Sebastian, Spain: A Crowd Source Project

We’re embarrassed to admit that after 6 years of living in Spain, we have yet to visit one of the most important culinary treasures in the Spanish Crown, San Sebastian. Exalted around the world, and spoken fondly of by every traveler we know, we are proud to say that we will finally be there for a short visit at the end of September. However, we need to know what to do, what to see, where to visit, and what to taste? So we are asking all of you, our loyal readers and fellow “virtual travelers”, to share your suggestions with us. If we have one long day/night, or if we get lucky, 2 days to explore, we’re looking for the […]

Spanish Bullfighting: The Romance, the Drama and the Traditional Recipes

Recently, the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia (or Catalunya) voted to ban bullfighting; which consequently, provoked me to write an article. Since moving to Spain in 2005, I have attempted to understand the “corrida de toros” – the bullfight. I have tried to learn as much as possible, both the pro and con; and yes, I confess I have attended quite a few corridas. Portugal has its own bullfighting traditions, as does France and Latin America. There is even a type of bullfight on the Zanzibari island of Pemba, off the east coast of Africa – a relic of Portuguese colonialism. However, I’m only familiar with the way it is done in Spain. (Photo by Ferminius) In the part of […]

Os Misterios de Lisboa: A Video on What Tourists Should Experience in Lisbon

Although we have written over a dozen articles on what you should experience in Lisbon, we have yet to focus on its monuments. As an Iberian wine and food focused website, whenever we visit a location, our palates tend to sway towards homemade recipes passed on from grandmother to granddaughter over generations; innovative culinary dishes; festivals highlighting regional delicacies; and of course, their vast and diverse wine culture. Historical landmarks generally fall off our radar when given only a few hours or days to explore an area, despite their key importance in telling a story about a people and their culture. Consequently, when we received a video in the mail called, “Os Misterios de Lisboa: What a Tourist Should See“, […]

Planning A Trip To Lisbon? A Food and Wine Lover’s Perfect Day

Like Gabriella in Barcelona, I too have received several emails wondering what my ideal foodie day in Lisbon would consist of. And although Lisbon is comparatively smaller than Barcelona, the options for encountering incredible food and wine experiences are both various and plentiful. So allow me to take you on a tour of Lisbon taken primarily from my experience visiting the city 3 years ago by none other than a local native Portuguese. In this tour, you’ll explore Lisbon’s high-end, riverside district of Belém (pronounced “buh-lime”) followed by a tour of Alfama, and ending at Sao Jorge’s castle at sunset. We begin our day with a simple, yet typical, Portuguese breakfast at one of the many pastelerias generously positioned throughout […]

Planning a Trip to Barcelona? A Food and Wine Lover’s Perfect Day in the Mediterranean

This past summer, we received dozens of emails from foodies internationally interested in our take on the perfect day spent in Barcelona. Having a plethora of guidebooks at their disposal, not to mention a few hundred websites claiming to offer the creme de la creme of tourism information, it is of no surprise to me that most of these pleading emails simply wanted someone to personally share their experiences with them. As we live in Barcelona and walk the city streets, questions tend to flood our direction, such as: Where can we stay that is both affordable and authentic? What are the local restaurants that you enjoy, featuring traditional cuisine? Is there a wine or gourmet shop that you frequent? […]

Casa Rurales: The Perfect Way to Explore Spain and Portugal in Affordable Comfort!

There is a secret in Iberia, a tidbit of information so valuable that even a worldwide economic recession wouldn’t keep you from visiting the peninsula. It’s called a casa rural, or a rural house. Generally quaint and charming, as each one is a reflection of its owner, these houses dot the Iberian landscape in perfect camouflage. (Flickr photo by albertitoglez) What is a Casa Rural (Spain) or Turism Rural (Portugal)? A casa/turism rural is a house located in the sticks, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s meant to be a getaway place, somewhere to hang up your hat for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.  This is where you’ll find an 16th […]