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Ribera del Duero – Vine Progress

Remember about 2 weeks ago when Gabriella and I were in the Ribera staying at a friends house? I posted some [pictures of bud break->] occurring where you could finally see vines coming back to life after a long winter’s rest. Well, I just so happened to be in that […]

Wines of Lisbon

I first experienced Lisbon with my wife four years ago and have remained enchanted with it ever since. The narrow windy streets, towering monuments, beautiful coast and great food all steeped in centuries of history is just incredible. It’s one of those cities that make you want just one more […]

Hello from the Alentejo

Just a quick note to say hello and to share how incredible I feel the Alentejo region is. I’ve seen five really interesting and innovative bodegas whose wines all pose new flavors and exciting levels of quality. In fact, it is by far the most tourist friendly wine region I […]