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#DOURO12 – Exploring the oldest wine region in the world!

Come autumn, every wine lover pays keen attention to vineyard stories: a time of lush fruit, turning leaves and the promise of great wines in the coming year. As the ebbing summer comes to a close, we do our very best to reach these vineyards in hopes of experiencing a touch of the harvest: smelling the earth, while bending low to pick the very best grapes, our hands dripping in sweet juice. This year, we’ll be sharing a bit of the magic on Catavino live from the Douro valley in Portugal. Over the course of the next week, 5 adventurers from around the world (including myself), will tour the Douro Valley in Portugal, renowned for their Porto wines among many […]

Cha, cha, cha, changes…Spanish wine needs to learn from the Pancho affair

Jay Miller is out. Neal Martin is in. This is the story that spilled onto “the Twitter“, in the blogosphere, and onto “the Facebooks”. Regurgitated and recycled from one blog to another showing that there is no limit to the amount of naval gazing possible by any niche community. The scandal relates to whether Pancho Campo charged money to make Jay Miller magically appear  in any given Spanish wine region’s back yard so that Parker‘s surrogate point giver Jay, could bestow a fresh layer of numerical digits upon the Spanish countryside. Read the full details here if you’ve been under a rock this week. Between you and me, I think Pancho is guilty and Jay is just lazy. For Jay […]

Vibrant Rioja Tempranillo LIVE TASTING in New York on May 5, 2011

Are you a Rioja wine fanatic? Do you stay up late at night itching for that next bottle of vinous pleasure? If so, we have the event for you no matter where you are in the world! This Thursday, May 5th Tempranillo will be featured at the Vibrant Rioja 3rd Annual Grand Tasting in New York! More than 350 Rioja wines will be highlighted at the event from over 70 importers. According to Pablo Olay, the Vibrant Rioja Campaign Director, “Our 2011 Grand Tasting’s focus is on Tempranillo, a varietal that is increasingly popular in the U.S. because of its consummate versatility, high quality and pairing ability with a wide range of foods.” Though we at Catavino would never limit […]

News? Spanish Wine News? Portuguese Wine News? – Yeah we got it!

Approximately 3 years ago, Catavino decided to exclusively publish content with meat; content that was both educational and thought-provoking. The consequence being that we have generally overlooked the lighter topics and thoughts that piqued our interest. Pity really, as there is a considerable amount of quality content that we’ve wanted to effectively integrate into but haven’t known how. To compensate, we tried to publish articles called “Links from Around the Web”, but the content didn’t really warrant commentary. Combine this with the Press Release. About 90% of the PR’s we receive are completely worthless. “Our X wine just received 92pts from _insert wine critic name_!” This form of the PR can die a thousand small deaths in the fiery […]

2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference – Vienna, Austria

Here at Catavino we’ve been known to roam, bringing you stories from London, Norway, Italy and India. Today, we are proud to say that you are about to hear a bit about Austria!  Some of you will have heard, but just to refresh your memories, we are the co-founders of the European Wine Bloggers Conference which takes place in a different European country every year. Our first conference was in La Rioja, Spain in 2008, followed by Lisbon, Portugal in 2009 and now, Vienna, Austria this past weekend – home to the grape Grüner Vetliner. We’ll be writing more about the Conference, please check out the following links: Photos – Visit the EWBC flickr group Videos – If you get […]

Cabernet Day is Here: Where to find Great Cabernets in Spain

Cabernet Sauvignon is an imported grape to the Spanish wine making world. Considered a “foreign” by many, some regions have been planting it for so long that it’s now perceived as an autochthonous grape. In fact, in Evan Goldsteins book, Perfect Pairings (page 134), it is suggested that it might have originated in Rioja. Imagine that?! Cabernet with a Spanish accent! However, my sense is that this theory is purely speculative. Instead, I believe that Cabernet turned up in Rioja when the Bordelais appeared in the late 19th century, in an effort to escape the phyloxera epidemic that was plaguing France. And as a result of its planting, it spread like wildfire to the rest of Spain. Mind you, no […]

Learning the Language of Wine: A Musical Revelation

Last weekend, I had the very last minute privilege of attending the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, or OBC), where I saw the second half of “The Knight of the Rose” by Strauss. Having received a free ticket from the very sweet and savvy owners of Somnio Hostels, who just so happened to know the bassoon player, I spent an incredible 40 minutes not a breath away from the string section. I was so close that I could even make out the haute couture label of the black suede pumps of the 3rd chair violist as she swayed to and fro with the from the gentle embrace of the rhythm. The experience […]

Top 5 Wine Tourism Tips Iberia Can Learn from American Wine Producers

Last week, we had spent the better part of a 6 days touring wineries on both the west and east coast of the United States. And during this time, we had a very unique opportunity to see how Americans create and manage wine tourism programs in order to promote not only their own wines, but the wines of the entire region. As many of you know, although we adore the wines of both Spain and Portugal, we feel that effective wine tourism is one of the greatest areas lacking in Iberia. From wineries that won’t pick up the phone or return an emails to small, family run wineries who close their door to visitors, making it close to impossible for […]

Ready, Set, Go…NY, SF, NY…A Whirlwind of Fun!

As you read this, we’re most likely struggling to get comfortable in our cramped Delta seats, eating bland airline food, while on our way to NY. Well, correction, Ryan is grumbling in his beer, while Gabriella is stretched out lengthwise basking in the roominess of her seat. Clearly genetics has served her well for international flights! Arriving in 7 hours (2am NYC time), blurry eyed and dizzy, we’re hoping to sail through customs and land in our beds, crashed out, no later than 4am. If we’re really lucky, we’ll get 6 more hours of sleep before the alarm goes off and demands our bushy tailed and bright-eyed selves to welcome the city with open arms! We then dash off to […]

Sherry at the London International Wine Fair (LIWF)

The first place to start a sherry tour at the London International Wine Fair is at the official stand. This year, the Sherry Institute had set up a long bar-style stand. Lined up along this bar were about 50 bottles, possibly more, of all styles and from many producers. I thought this made for a very fine sight! I wish there was a shop somewhere, where a range of sherries similar to this could be had… The Sherry Institute now has Graham Hines back at the helm. Graham used to run the Institute until its work was outsourced to a PR agency for a number of years. This switch back to Graham is fairly recent so he was not in a […]