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Sherry Wine, is it a dying breed?

You all know by now that we love sherry. You also know that if you don’t love sherry we probably won’t talk to you anymore. Ok, maybe not that we won’t talk to you, but we’ll eye you suspiciously anytime we discuss wine. Sherry is a heavenly treat, born of flor, and something that needs to survive, if only to feed my habit!

SITT Tasting in London and an Interview with Jamie Goode from the Wine Anorak

Yesterday, Ryan and I had the incredible opportunity of attending the SITT Tasting, also commonly known as the Speciality Importers Trade Tasting at the famed Vinopolis. Built around a Victorian Railway Viaduct, Vinopolis is situated at the world famous Borough Food Market in the bustling Bankside area, just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. The tasting itself is a business to business event, allowing small importers to showcase their wines to journalists, retailers, distributors, etc. Consequently, the wines featured are very unique, small production wines that are generally very hard to come by. And for two Iberian based wine journalists to taste unique grapes from Chile, rare blends from New Zealand and even old favourites from the Port […]

My name is Brandy and I come from Jerez

Things have been pretty chilly here in Jerez, with record low temperatures in recent days. There has been snow all over Spain, even in places that don’t often get it. One way I like to fight the cold is with a little nip of something strong. I used to be quite fond of a shot or two of single-malt Scotch Whisky. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in the UK Spanish brandy usually equates in peoples’ minds with cheap and probably fairly nasty. Something not to be drunk without a mixer; an barely palatable alcohol-delivery mechanism. I have to admit, that is what I used to think, however, since moving to Jerez nearly 4 years ago […]

Global Economic Crisis and Spanish Wine, Portugal Pay Attention

I received today a press release that I want to discuss with the caveat that you please provide feedback and thoughts in the comments. FEV, The Spanish Wine Federation, is a private group dedicated to tracking, promoting and defending the image of Spanish wine both nationally and abroad. In Spanish, they emailed me a decent newsletter full of information on Spanish wine sales and conferences which they host to discuss issues relevant to the industry. In today’s press release from the FEV: “Márgenes y Estrategias en la Industria del Vino” – Las empresas del vino analizan en Madrid los efectos de la crisis en el sector “Margins and Strategies in the Wine Industry” – Wine Businesses analyze in Madrid, the […]

Wine Blogging Wednesday #47: “S” Stands for “Spanish Sherry”

Gabriella fondly remembers when she was a child, sitting in front of the TV listening to Cookie Monster teach the alphabet, and on this particular day, words that started with the letter “S”. This episode is firmly ingrained in her head, because unfortunately, she couldn’t pronounce the letter “s” as a child, handicapped with a severe lissssp. Therefore, words like snake became th-nake and summer became th-ummer. Clearly, this doesn’t bode well when you’re watching your brother happily sipping on his vanilla shake and all you can come out with “Mom, I want a thake too!” Well, today, we’d like to thank Grape Juice for hosting Wine Blog Wednesday, by celebrating anything directly related to a bottle of wine that […]

Gabriella Joins the Circle of Wine Writers

Last January, the UK based wine writer and Committee Member of the Circle of Wine Writers, Christine Austin, suggested that we apply to the organization housed in England. Having had several people offer a similar suggestion for over a year, it seemed ridiculous for us not to get off our hides and do something about it. So, we figured we’d experiment a bit, where I would apply and test the waters, followed by Ryan’s application soon thereafter. As taken directly from their website: The Circle of Wine Writers is an association of authors, broadcasters, journalists, photographers and lecturers who are professionally engaged in communicating about wines and spirits. It was founded in 1960 by the late Cyril Ray and now […]

UK is number one market for Spanish Wines

According to this article UK is number one market for Spanish Wines – Talking Retail, there is good news for Spanish wine in the UK. Sounds great. Sounds important, but I would say that this is only half the story. Spain is the third largest producer of wine in world, but we also have the largest land area under vine. Granted, a large chunk of this land consists of low density plantings in areas such as La Mancha, with less then stellar wine varieties like Airen. That said, we do have the capacity to grow and produce more, and after talking to many producers at Alimentaria, I realized that there a lot of room to expand sales. The UK may […]

CookBook Review – Cook España, Drink España, by John Radford and Mario Sandoval

I love cookbooks, but I hate to follow recipes. I know I’m not alone, however. For me, a recipe is a suggestion, while a cookbook is an inspiration – a thought that makes many of my friends cringe. For them, recreating the traditional techniques and nuances of a historic dish is the goal; whereas, for me, I want to improve it! Vane, yes, but I also know that I’d rather eat a traditional dish in its home country with someone whose been making it for decades. I begin with this introduction because “Cook España, Drink España”, by John Radford and Mario Sandoval, appeals to the adventurer in me. Mario Sandoval, a rising star in Spanish cuisine, partners up with John […]