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People of Porto! Join us for a Massive Picnic at Parque da Cidade THIS SUNDAY

People of Porto! Come join us THIS Sunday (April 13th) for a MASSIVE picnic at Parque da Cidade! If you enjoyed dancing with us in “We are Happy: Porto”, or you just enjoyed watching, make sure to join us for a second round to highlight another fantastic aspect of Porto! Everyone can come! Everyone should come and share the good vibes at the lake closest to the ocean in Parque da Cidade!! There’s only one requirement: we ask you to bring the following for this special picnic. Picnic blanket Bottle of wine or beverage Delicious food to share Funny hats and bright/colorful clothing (it’s festive and spring after all ) Toys – instruments, kites, whatever makes you happy! LOCATION: We […]

Friday Feature Photo: Timelapse Video of Santander

Santander en movimiento – Timelapse – by from Mario Setién on Vimeo. Videographer: Mario Setién Capture Date: February, 2014 Location: Santander, Spain About: The intention of the video is to help both natives and non-natives alike to appreciate an incredibly dynamic and beautiful place: a place where sunrises and sunsets catch your breath; where music, art and theater are reveled; where food is the backbone of the culture. The motivation is to spur fresh eyes to see a city that’s not only stunning, but alive.

Portugal Through the Eye of a Camera: Interview with Videographer Matty Brown

Editor’s Note: Today, we are featuring a young passionate videographer located in the USA, Matty Brown. Matty has created several works on Iberia, but has passionately spoken of his deep love with Portugal. With our impending move westward, we wanted to get Matty’s feedback on what calls him back year after year. Can you give us a little intro as to who you are? My name is Matty Brown, and I am a visual storyteller and a freelance filmmaker. I create moving portraits of life around me: the mundane and the exhilarating alike. I have been making videos since I was five, after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco inspired me to be a filmmaker and to think differently and creatively about […]

Spanish Culture Documentary – “Arribes: Everything else is noise”

Editor’s Note: Over the years, we’ve watched Zev Robinson create a long list of memorable and meaningful documentaries. From his first investigation into the relatively unknown native grape of Utiel-Requena called, Bobal, to his story of the first demarcated wine region in the world: the Douro in Portugal. Zev is known for films that feel like moving paintings, with stories that ebb and flow into the highly contrasted light and shadow. They are eye-catching, thoughtful and attack subjects that are near and dear to his heart. His most recent work on the very small Spanish wine region of Arribes appears to be as breathtaking and thought-provoking as his previous work. I know we are excited to see it, and hopefully […]

Please Support Life on the Douro: A Documentary about Wine and Culture

It is a rare occasion that we ask our readers for their support, but today, we are going to ask you kindly to lend a hand. You might remember our friend and documentary videographer, Zev Robinson. We’ve followed him for years, and he is not only a friend, but also an amazing storyteller. Currently, he is finishing up his next film, “Life on the Douro”, which is scheduled for release this September.  It’s been a year long effort crafting this epic documentary with his own sweat, tears, time, and most importantly, money. Consequently, this is why we come to you today. (Photo credit: Ryan Opaz) Up and until this point, Zev has done almost all his work self-funded, and while we […]

How do you like your Iberian Whites? Fresh and Vibrant or Old and Wise?

A few years ago, we visited a small wine shop hidden in the back roads of Lisbon. Having perused the bottles, we decided to enjoy a little wine tasting in the deli across the street, nibbling on a few stinky bits of cheese on the side. The waitress, who also worked in the wine shop across the street, asked us what we were interested in exploring beyond the traditional menu. Now, if you know us well, then you’re aware that we always ask for recommendations, preferring the more unusual and unique wines. Having told her our thoughts, she responded with a tone of curiosity, “Ok, so do you like old Vinho Verde?” Whaaa? Huh? Hello? You mean that light fresh […]

Os Misterios de Lisboa: A Video on What Tourists Should Experience in Lisbon

Although we have written over a dozen articles on what you should experience in Lisbon, we have yet to focus on its monuments. As an Iberian wine and food focused website, whenever we visit a location, our palates tend to sway towards homemade recipes passed on from grandmother to granddaughter over generations; innovative culinary dishes; festivals highlighting regional delicacies; and of course, their vast and diverse wine culture. Historical landmarks generally fall off our radar when given only a few hours or days to explore an area, despite their key importance in telling a story about a people and their culture. Consequently, when we received a video in the mail called, “Os Misterios de Lisboa: What a Tourist Should See“, […]

Top 5 Wine Tourism Tips Iberia Can Learn from American Wine Producers

Last week, we had spent the better part of a 6 days touring wineries on both the west and east coast of the United States. And during this time, we had a very unique opportunity to see how Americans create and manage wine tourism programs in order to promote not only their own wines, but the wines of the entire region. As many of you know, although we adore the wines of both Spain and Portugal, we feel that effective wine tourism is one of the greatest areas lacking in Iberia. From wineries that won’t pick up the phone or return an emails to small, family run wineries who close their door to visitors, making it close to impossible for […]

Blame it on Rioja, Or Maybe Not: How Not to Master Social Media

Andrian Murcia, the author for Blame it on Rioja is a virtual friend to That is to say, we have never met in person, but we have shared a lot of conversations online. His blog sponsored by the Vibrant Rioja campaign is full of good information and interesting takes on a region that only in the past year, Gabriella and I have truly come to love. Vibrant Rioja, on the other hand, has helped to sponsor one of our trips to the region, and from what we can tell, is trying to get Rioja into the American dialogue through the sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Personally, I think they could spend their money in more effective ways, but that’s […]

Cork or Screwcap, But For The Love of God, Do Not Use The Plastic Plug!!

Editor’s Note: In our recent effort to bring people from every wine culture together, the EWBC network has started a monthly debate on topics that effect us all. This month, the topic is alternative closures. We have asked wine bloggers from across the world to join in and publish their views on alternative closures between September 22nd through the 26th. Everyone is welcome to join in and share your thoughts. We only ask that you please post your article in the comment section of this EWBC post. Hopefully, we will gain enough participation to eventually show the power of social media! Guess what time it is? It’s the biannual ritual of talking about closures again. This is the time of […]