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A Pitch for “Iberian Wines” – Not that Spain or Portugal will care to listen

When we started, we knew that our desire to explore would never relegate us to one region entirely, as we have always loved to discover new cultures through their wines. Having fell in love with Portugal, during our first visit in 2003, we knew that limiting ourselves to Spain was both illogical and short sighted. Hence we created an “Iberian Wine” website, a term few people were familiar with, or fully comprehended, prior to Catavino’s creation. I remember the first time I used the term “Iberian wines” in a tasting among a group of Spaniards who stared at me blankly and said, “We have Iberian ham, but there is no such thing as an Iberian wine.” Ponder that for […]

Chafariz do Vinho – Where Flavor Meets Aesthetics in Lisbon

Enoteca Chafariz do Vinho is located just up the street from Os Goliardos near Praça da Alegria and right down the hill from Principe Real. What makes Chafariz do Vinho attractive is its unique location within an 18th century stone reservoir. This Mãe de Agua (Mother of Water), which also happens to be the name of the street it’s situated on, connects with the rest of a 36 mile aqueduct used during water shortages to bring clean water into the city up and until the 20th century. The reservoir was eventually refurbished and converted into the enoteca where it stands now. Beginning at the very bottom of the cistern and traveling up a towering 3 stories, tables fill every nook […]

Vinho Verde RED, Reexamined

“Red? You sure that’s what you mean?” said the salesclerk looking at me dubiously. “Yes, I do”, I responded. “Sim, Vinho Verde TINTO“, I repeated to each and every retailer in various wine shops while hunting for this infamous red counterpart of the popular Portuguese white wine, Vinho Verde. What surprised me during my quest, for this apparently unpopular style of wine, is that almost a third of the wine produced in the region of Vinho Verde is red. So why is a Vinho Verde Tinto such a bizarre and foreign idea? After trying a few bottles in the past, and literally spitting them out and dumping the rest down the drain, it is not difficult to understand people’s apprehension! […]

Wine, Books, Conferences, and the 2008 Vintage

It’s crunch time here at the Spanish office of the European Wine Bloggers Conference. Every day a new issue, a new question, and the realization that we forgot to do something! That combined with a now ever expanding desire from non-delegates to join the already full ranks, is leading to us working long hours and wondering how we keep Catavino alive. All that said, we are having fun and learning a lot. The best part though is that this conference looks to be shaping up nicely and will lead to some new conversations that need starting. I’m sure the US based conference 2 months later will also lead to great new opportunities too, and we hope that both prove to […]

A Belem Lunch with a Portuguese White Wine

Editor’s Note: Andrea Smith is one of our newest additions to the Catavino crew. A 25 year old budding wine enthusiast, chef and linguist, Andrea is no stranger to seeking out great food and wine combinations. Having grown up in Northern Virginia, 10 minutes outside of the capital Washington, DC and in a highly diverse international setting, she was taught the basics of food and wine appreciation from her Italian background, where she inherited a deep love for culinary exploration. Now, living in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, she will draw upon her CIA and sommelier studies, as well as her intimate knowledge of the Portuguese culture to bring us her favorite Portuguese food and wine combinations. We’d like to warmly […]

2+1 Survey Returns with Joe “1WineDude” Roberts

Awhile back, Catavino ran a feature we called the 2 + 1 Iberian Wine Survey. The idea behind the survey was not only to get wine bloggers feedback on Spanish and Portuguese wine, but also an opportunity for readers to gain a better perspective as to what’s available outside the big peninsula. To be honest, we had originally intended to run these surveys while we were on vacation in France, but as it currently stands, it may be a little while before Catavino can actually unplug itself from all the action flowing through our headquarters. That said, we’re going to run some of these anyway and invite all of you who still want to participate to please send us your […]

Portuguese Wine Retailer, Vitor Mendes, and his Passion for Portuguese Wine

Every blogger loves comments, as infrequent as they may be at times. Without them, our job becomes relatively meaningless, as if we get up in the morning to write only for ourselves. Comments give us perspective, direction and a gauge to understand if and where our stories are hitting most profoundly within cyberspace. But for niche bloggers like ourselves, who are writing for a foreign market, when we do have the great fortune of receiving a comment, it almost always comes from outside Spain and Portugal. To receive a comment from a wine aficionado here in Iberia is like hitting the jackpot. Granted, language is obviously the main barrier that detracts Spaniards and Portuguese from commenting on Catavino, but equally […]

2 Fantastic White Mono-varietal Portuguese Wines

Do you ever have those nights when you just want something simple? When anything other than opening a package of meat and putting it directly on the grill sounds too complicated and annoying. A few nights ago, we had this exact experience, debating whether ordering Chinese food wasn’t a bad option; but instead, we opted for a simple dinner of chili lime marinated grilled chicken with a tossed salad and a white monovarietal Portuguese wine made with Verdehlo. Simple. Good for watching the full moon. And ended up being one of the best no brainer meals we’ve had in awhile. Funny that! The white grape varietal, Verdehlo, is primarily known for its elaboration in Madeira wines, but is rarely talked […]

3 Portuguese Wines and an Orange Metal Bucket

It was chilly last night, really chilly. As the sun set upon Terrassa, and the yellow hues faded to a reddish glow that cascaded upon our livingroom floor as if someone spilled a bucket of crimson paint, Ryan and I looked at each other internally agreeing with a roll of our eyes that the last thing we wanted to do on a Friday night was to research yet another Portuguese Quinta. The involved steps of collecting their information, reading up on their history and finally picking apart each and every nuance of their series of labels and styles can feel as exciting and tantalizing as watching paint dry. Looking at the wines on the floor like little glass soldiers preparing […]

Regional Profile – Estremadura – Portugal

As many of you already know, we absolutely adore Lisbon. Whether we’re walking down the long and wide palm tree covered Avenida da Liberdade, ogling the moss covered fountains that trickle below tall rubenesque statues, or devouring a fresh and delicious seafood lunch, we seem to leave the city already planning our next visit. However, if you head northwest from Lisbon, there is another exciting area that is not only filled with medieval castles and legendary tales of heroism, but was also considered a mecca for Portuguese wine back in the 19th century. Stretching along the Atlantic coast, Estremadura is the second largest Portuguese wine producing region in Portugal, elaborating approximately 311,000 hectoliters in 2006. Estremadura, meaning “Land’s End” – […]