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Iberian Harvest Report

Last week, we sent out an email to both Portuguese and Spanish wineries asking for a brief quote in English about their region. Interestingly, we’ve received several quotes from Quintas around Portugal, but very few from Bodegas in Spain. However, considering the harvest has commenced as early as August in […]

September, 2007 Portuguese Wine Harvest

Jancis Robinson recently posted a report on how the 2007 Portuguese Harvest is shaping up. Her overall impression was that the unusually cool and rainy temperatures have, fortunately, affected the quantity of the yield more than the quality of the wine. She then followed up her report with direct quotes […]

August Wrap-up of Portuguese Wines

The time has finally come to say “adeiu” to August, to long bright summer days, and to our month long dedication to Portuguese wines. As we look back over the month with excitement as to what we learned, I think it’s important to ask ourselves, “Was it worth dedicating an […]

Bodega Profile – Quinta do Gradil – VR Estremadura

Set among the Montejunto Mountains, between the villages of Vilar and Martin Joanes, the landscape is absolutely stunning. Rolling hills covered in pear and apple trees among miles of vineyards, the Portuguese winery Quinta do Gradil couldn’t have been situated in a more ideal location.

Bodega Profile – Cortes de Cima – Alentejo

Last Tuesday, during a very hectic and busy day tasting wines, we had scheduled a lunch with Cortes de Cima, a winery located in the Alentejo. And typically, when you schedule a lunch like this, you are met with an export manager who is so professional that each crease and […]

Masks and Wines in Lisbon

We love stumbling upon the unexpected. In fact, that is the story of our life. Our best friends were for the most part all made this way, and our best memories have been created when things happen to us by chance. Such is the case with today’s podcast/story. Wandering back […]

Restaurant Profile- Sacramento – Lisbon, Portugal

To be honest, we never planned on eating at Sacramento. Having walked past it earlier in the day as we were leisurely meandering through Lisbon enjoying a relaxing Sunday, we had seen the brightly colored windows far different in both style and feeling than its adjoining neighbors. Strips of varying […]

Portugal’s Wine Demarcation

As a result of our recent trip to Portugal, we figured the best way to start off the month is by offering a basic road map to Portuguese wine. We have given you several articles in the past on the grape varietals, the Portuguese wine label and some specific wineries, […]

2004 Quinta do Feital Vinho Regional Minho Auratus

2004 Quinta do Feital Vinho Regional Minho Auratus – Portugal, Minho, Vinho Regional Minho (9/8/2006)Alvarinho/Trajadura blendDeep daisey yellow in color. The nose took a bit to open up but when it did it showed white flowers, some rich citrus and a lot of cantelope! Completely dry in the mouth the […]

Interpreting the Portuguese Wine Label

The Windy Road of the Portuguese Wine Label If there was one wine style synonymous for Portugal, it would be Port. The sweet, creamy and fruit forward wine has been a personal favorite of mine since our first visit to Oporto not four years ago. Unable to escape the fame […]