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Wines From Spain – News from the past TODAY!

This is a thumbnail that you may click on to see at full size the stunningly BORING and non newsworthy newsletter that I receive about once a month from the Spanish government put in charge of “promoting” Spanish wine. If you go over to Wines from Spain and request it […]

Old Wine Media – Poo Pooing New Wine Tools?

Decanter published this story last month about the relatively new wine website Snooth. “A new online wine service hopes to become the world’s busiest cyber wine recommendations site by cashing in on the Facebook phenomenon”, is how the article began. Great start, and personally, I was excited to see them […]

Vinus TV – Spanish Wine entering the Web 2.0

A few days ago, we found a Spanish wine video site called, Vinus, a new start up covering Spanish wine, history and culture in a very hip and trendy way. Founded in the beginning of August, it has already published 3 videos, all of which feature a rapidly speaking female […]

Wine Bloggers Unite? or at least Discuss!

Wine blogging has become, for many of us, a central part of our lives. Each week, we try to post interesting information that goes beyond a simple tasting note, delving into a unique idea, history or current news tidbit. Being by default, a little inbred at its core, we find […]

Website Review: Enjoy Sherry

Sherry month wouldn’t be complete without a warning shot across the bow of the boat before it slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor. The boat being the obvious metaphor for sherry inching demise. Sherry is losing ground with the common consumer. We tried to send a life […]

Twitter/Jaiku – Does the wine world need them?

I use Twitter and Jaiku. Why should you care? I’m not sure, but I do know that these small little social applications have me hooked. I really like them. The idea being that with both Twitter and Jaiku you can post 140 character comments about anything, anytime, and from any […]

Community Tasting Notes and The Wineries Who Need them?

Approximately a month ago, Gabriella contacted all the major community tasting note sites to see whether anything had changed since Adler’s scathing review of their “worth” approximately a year ago. Had they grown to encompass more users? Had the overall notes increased in their quality? Had the problem of creating […]